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Veho Pebble Smartstick Charger Review

Does your phone’s battery hit the red zone at the worst possible times? If you’re a heavy user then you’ll agree that keeping your battery life in the ‘safe zone’ is a serious challenge and if you’re caught by surprise on the wrong day, ending up with a dead phone can turn into a nightmare. So…

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Logitech Keyboard Folio Review

Since owning my first iPad, the onscreen keyboard has probably been the first and only frustration in using the device. It’s not that it’s a bad keyboard in itself; it’s very responsive to touch and the keys are actually a nice size to type on. The trouble is, as a frequent typer I need something…

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Everything Tablet: 360° Rotating iPad Case Review

A few weeks ago, I did the unforgivable and dropped my iPad on concrete out of all possible surfaces! So that you won’t feel the same gut wrenching feeling like I did when I saw the damage, I’ve been on the hunt to help you guys find the best possible protection for your iPads. (By…