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Simba Hybrid Pro mattress: 90 day review

After moving into our first home recently (yay!), the number one priority was getting a high quality, reliable and comfortable mattress. Being the geek I am and wanting to get the latest and greatest technology for my home, Simba’s mattresses had been on my radar for a while.

To be completely honest, I was pessimistic at first; all of my experiences on memory foam mattresses have been horrible and I’ve always been more of a ‘firm’ mattress kind of guy, opting for traditional coil sprung mattresses.

Since Simba offers a 200 night trial period, my wife and I figured we had little to lose by investing in the Hybrid Pro mattress and fast-forward 3 months, I can confidently say I’m a convert. This thing is brilliant!

Simba’s mattresses come in a variety of sizes (from single to super king) and 3 main models: the entry-level Hybrid with 5 layers, the Hybrid Pro with 7 layers (which I’m reviewing) and the recently announced Hybrid Luxe with an impressive 10 layers.

Before going any further let me clarify that Simba did gift me this mattress, however, this is after I had already paid for one with my own money and was prepared to go ahead with the purchase. By chance, they were kind enough to send me one for this review.

Unboxing the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress

As far as unboxing experiences go, this was the strangest I’ve done (in a good way). The Simba mattress comes packaged in a surprisingly small box considering we ordered a king size. Remove the cardboard and you get a vacuum sealed mattress that’s been squashed completely flat and rolled up. This compact packaging was great as we were moving into our first home and meant I could get the mattress delivered to the old house, then easily transport it to the new one without worrying about needing a huge van.

Once you do remove the vacuum sealed packaging and let the mattress unravel, it takes about 2 to 3 hours to completely inflate to it 28 cm height and be ready for sleeping on.

Admittedly, at this point I was even more suspicious about the mattress quality & comfort as I could only question “how comfortable can a mattress that’s been squashed this small actually be?” Thankfully, I soon discovered I had nothing to worry about.

My experience with the Simba Pro mattress

Simba’s seven layers on the Pro mattress

If, like me, you’re coming from a traditional firm coiled mattress this will definitely take some getting used to. Being a medium/firm mattress the Simba Hybrid Pro has a cushioned layer at the top which allows you to sink in a little bit, as opposed to the denser and firmer surface of my old mattress. That being said, I quickly adjusted to the Simba Hybrid Pro and actually love that it’s the best of both worlds. Let me explain.

Sitting on the mattress as I write this, the top layers of the Hybrid Pro provide a soft cushion while providing just the right amount of support beneath me. I never feel as if I’m sinking into the mattress — a big concern of mine with foam mattresses — and regardless of whether my wife is beside me in bed or not, the Simba’s various layers of titanium springs, wool layer and open-cell foam achieve a near perfect balance of firmness with comfort.

Thankfully, this is also true when we’re both lying down sleeping. The Simba Hybrid Pro isolates our weight and movement so well that we’re virtually unaffected by those mid-sleep movements. (I happen to move a lot in my sleep and she says she doesn’t feel it, which is a bonus). Where one of us would typically fall into the middle of the bed, the 5000 titanium Aerocoil springs give our bodies fantastic support. Assuming you sleep with someone who moves around a lot, the Simba Hybrid Pro is going to make you very happy!

If I had to pick on one thing, it’s the edges of the bed. Due to its foam base, when I set on the edge of the bed I can physically feel myself sinking. This isn’t a huge problem, but as the mattress is quite tall at 28cm, it’s just something I’ve noticed and quickly adapted to.

Overall, would I prefer for the mattress to be firmer? Yes, for sure. Simba say that that new Luxe model is supposed to be slightly firmer so that might be worth a peek if you have a similar preference.

Simba Pro mattress and temperature control

I am always feeling hot in bed while my wife is always cold, so the idea of a mattress that could regulate our temperature for a good night’s sleep was truly exciting to me. (This is something that bothered me with our old spring coil mattress).

After 90 days I can say the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress has been wonderful in terms of temperature control. Although I do still get quite hot in the middle of the night, I feel like I’ve stopped sweating as intensely as before and typically get a good full night of sleep.

Do I recommend the Simba Pro mattress?

From my 90 day experience with the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress, both my wife and I highly recommend it.

Is the Simba line of mattresses expensive at £1419? Yes, absolutely.

However, with a 200 night trial and payment plans to spread the cost, it’s a premium mattress well worth giving a go for yourself. Plus, you can regularly find good deals online to grab yourself a decent discount too. (At the time of writing it’s priced at under £1000!)

By Fabio Virgi

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