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NordVPN – Protect your personal data on public WiFi

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With businesses and world travel slowly opening up after a year of lockdowns, many of us will be logging back into public WiFi networks more regularly. Be it at restaurants, cafes, hotels or public transport, these WiFi networks are far from secure and are easy targets for hackers to steal your data like website passwords, bank card details (via online shopping) and spy on your online activity. 

VPN services like NordVPN, or Virtual Private Networks, are powerful tools that provide a robust layer of online security. NordVPN essentially works like an invisibility cloak; it hides what you are doing by re-rerouting your web activity through a remote server in your country or another around the world. This re-routing of data means nobody can see what you’re doing, protecting your data and keeping you anonymous online.

This short and useful video describes how a VPN works well, if you’d rather watch than read:

Other perks of using a Virtual Private Network

In addition to protecting your private information on public WiFi networks, I personally find NordVPN useful for a few other things:

  • Accessing blocked content from another country, such as TV shows restricted to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Disney in America
  • Bypassing country-level restrictions on websites like YouTube and social media (e.g. in China)
  • A permanent layer of internet protection to avoid being tracked by your ISPs or hackers, at home or on mobile

What makes NordVPN worth checking out?

NordVPN is available across all major platforms like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Security & Speed

NordVPN has a bunch of features that add layers of protection. Their WireGuard-based VPN protocol NordLynx for example provides strong encryption while maintaining high performance. During a speed test on my MacBook Air, I was able to achieve similar speeds of 100+ MBps via NordLynx in comparison to my usual unsecured connection. Certain VPNs often achieve slower speeds than your standard (direct) connection, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this.

In addition, being based in Panama which has no data retention laws means NordVPN can “legally follow a strict no-logs policy to ensure users’ privacy”. Particularly useful if you want to really cover your tracks online from any peepers. 

Lastly, all of their servers use RAM only rather than traditional storage – meaning nothing gets stored on their side. 

Country options

NordVPN claims to have the biggest server network for VPNs on the planet. While I haven’t verified that claim myself, I can tell you that the 60-odd countries listed on their VPN app give you plenty of options to choose from including the United States, Canada, South Korea and various others.

30-day money back guarantee

You can’t argue with this one. With a 30-day money back guarantee, giving you enough time to play with NordVPN and all its features, you can simply cancel your subscription if you change your mind.

No browsing limitations

If you’re worried about speed throttling, NordVPN has you covered. There are no bandwidth or data limits when using their VPN so you can binge-watch streaming services as much as you want, without being penalised for it. 

Try NordVPN for 30 days

I’ve personally been using their service on my iPhone & MacBook (also available on Android, Chrome, Windows & Linux) for the last month and have to say, I love how easy it has been to protect myself and especially how fast the speeds are. If you like the sound of NordVPN and want to protect your online data, head to their website today and sign up risk-free for 30 days. 

By Fabio Virgi

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