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Hands-on with Devolo’s GigaGate WiFi Bridge

Earlier this week, German networking brand Devolo invited me to check out their WiFi bridge called GigaGate. I was excited about GigaGate because in principle it’s supposed to enhance my WiFi connection at home, and considering my room is two floors away from the router that’s a promising idea. Streaming is a constant problem, and too often I get drop […]


iPhone 7 compatible with EE’s new high speed 4G+ network (UK)

A couple of days ago, EE announced a roll out of network compatibility for “Cat 9 devices” including the Samsung S7, S7 Edge, Note 7 and the HTC 10. What is Cat 9? Cat 9 is short for Category 9, and it basically refers to a device’s ability to use a newer kind of network. Why does […]