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Hands-on with Devolo’s GigaGate WiFi Bridge

Earlier this week, German networking brand Devolo invited me to check out their WiFi bridge called GigaGate. I was excited about GigaGate because in principle it’s supposed to enhance my WiFi connection at home, and considering my room is two floors away from the router that’s a promising idea.

Streaming is a constant problem, and too often I get drop offs in connection because I’m using my ISP’s provided router. GigaGate is going to take my router’s WiFi signal and project it even further so that my consoles, computers and other devices can have the best possible connection for working, online gaming or streaming — without the need for wires.

In the video below, Devolo’s Director of Sales & Marketing, Peter Huddleston, talks about what makes GigaGate special.

So as you can see in the video, Devolo’s GigaGate is made up of two units. One is the base that connects to your router, and the other is a Satellite that you take to your media corner, office or wherever you have most gadgets. The Satellite has four ethernet ports you can use to set up a wired connection to things like gaming consoles and computers — while the fifth gigabit port is intended for powerful devices like NAS drives.

The GigaGate’s base and Satellite use the 5GHz WiFi band to communicate with each other via beamforming, and it can achieve up to 2 GBps transmission speeds. The Satellite then pushes out a wired or 2GHz WiFi signal (up to 300 MBps) to your devices.

The Devolo team emphasised that this is supposed to be a plug-and-play product with hardly any user input required, but I’ll validate that myself when I set this thing up.

Pricing and availability: Devolo GigaGate retails for £219.99 in the UK, and if you want to add Satellites to your setup they cost £129.99 each.

By Fabio Virgi

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