Honor 8 Pro: Full HD camera test at 1080p (30 FPS & 60 FPS)

The Honor 8 Pro is a feature-packed phone, and one of its most useful perks is the dual 12MP camera setup on the back. It takes some impressive photos and in the two videos below, you can see how it records in a real-world setting with no edits. In the first video, I walk around…

Audio Docks & Speakers

UE Wonderboom speaker review: My new favourite Bluetooth travel speaker

At the beginning of 2017 I would have recommended the UE Roll 2 as the go-to travel-friendly speaker. Considering how good it sounds, the Roll 2 is surprisingly small and can fit into just about any bag. Maybe even a jacket pocket! The decision of “best travel speaker” isn’t so clear-cut anymore. Ultimate Ears launched…

Apps & Software Business Mac OS X

GAget 2: A beautiful Google Analytics widget for macOS

Logging into your Google Analytics dashboard to check your latest visitor counts can be time consuming, so app developer Zoltán Hosszú built GAget 2: an beautiful Google Analytics widget that lives in your macOS Notification Centre. The latest version is designed for full compatibility with macOS Sierra, and includes the ability to add multiple Google Analytics accounts…

Smartphone Cases

Make your iPhone 7 Jet White with this ultra thin case

Apple’s Jet Black iPhone looks stunning, but if you don’t want to fork out for it Totallee launched a Jet Black case you can use instead. Next month the company is launching a new addition to the portfolio: a Jet White case for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Because the case wraps around the entire…

Home & Entertainment Networking

Hands-on with Devolo’s GigaGate WiFi Bridge

Earlier this week, German networking brand Devolo invited me to check out their WiFi bridge called GigaGate. I was excited about GigaGate because in principle it’s supposed to enhance my WiFi connection at home, and considering my room is two floors away from the router that’s a promising idea. Streaming is a constant problem, and too often I get drop…

Gaming iOS iOS Games Smartphone & Tablet Accessories

Gamevice review: A gaming controller for your iPhone & iPad

The Good: From the main body to its buttons, Gamevice is a well made gaming controller and makes iOS gaming a lot more fun. The Bad: It is expensive and not all games are compatible with it, making the investment in a gaming controller for iOS questionable. The Bottom Line: If you game on iOS and…

Audio Smartphone Cases

Arcam’s MusicBoost iPhone Case Improves Audio Quality & Charges Battery

The iPhone accessory market is full of very cool products, and Arcam’s new MusicBoost case is the latest to join that list. At a light weight of just 100 grams and enough juice to fully recharge your iPhone, the MusicBoost has four uses in one: it’s a protective case, DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter), headphone…


Christmas Deals: PayPal Offers 0% Finance On Apple Store Purchases

Ready to treat yourself this Christmas? PayPal has teamed up with Apple to offer us 0% finance on all purchases over the value of £99. Considering the premium (and sometimes even overpriced) price tags on Apple’s tech, this sort of deal is awesome for spreading costs across the year. The caveat is that this offer…

Smartphone Cases

Twelve South SurfacePad Review: An Elegant Case for iPhone 6S Plus

SurfacePad for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is a premium, genuine leather jacket/case that’s designed to protect your iPhone with an elegant look and feel.

Apps & Software Mac OS X

Irvue For Mac: Free Gorgeous Wallpapers For Your Mac Every Day

Although I like Apple’s default selection of wallpapers for Mac, I find myself growing bored of them rather quickly. That’s why I was really glad to come across an app called Irvue by developer Igor Savelev. Instead of wasting time browsing through ‘HD Wallpaper’ websites, Irvue pulls photos from — a website with a…