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Rapoo Full HD Webcam (XW180) Review

I’ll be honest with you, dear reader – I’ve never really needed to pursue obtaining a webcam before. Whenever I would want to go and play with my online friends, I’d usually just hook up my phone to my computer and, through using a particular app designed for this purpose, use it as a webcam…

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Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse Review: My Indispensable Productivity Tool

There’s a lot of gear I can chop & change without giving too much thought to, but my Logitech MX Master 3 mouse is one I almost always need to use when getting serious work done. Ever since getting my hands on the original Logitech MX Master, the range of scrolling wheels, buttons and gesture…

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Switching From iPhone 6s Plus to iPhone XS Max: My Upgrade Experience

After about four years, I decided to swap out my trusty, reliable iPhone 6s Plus for a brand new (and very expensive) iPhone XS Max. There was nothing wrong with the 6s Plus. In fact, I think I could have comfortably pushed my usage of it for another year or so if I truly wanted…

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Yohann MacBook stand review

For the last few months, the Yohann MacBook stand has earned itself a permanent spot on my desk, and I have to say that I absolutely love it. Not only is it a beautiful-looking stand but it has also been incredibly helpful in maintaining my posture and avoiding neck pain, as it keeps my MacBook…

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These solar powered bags will keep you charged on the go

So here’s something we all have been through. You’re heading out to a meeting and you check your smartphone and/or tablet to realize you’re under 20% battery life. It’s pretty desperate knowing you don’t have much time to get things done. There are still ways to minimize that, such as power banks, smartphone battery cases…

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Belkin’s Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock HD is a one-cable docking solution

If the announcement of a new MacBook Pro with just USB-C ports has you raging inside, Belkin has announced a new dock to help avoid countless adapters. As with its previous Thunderbolt dock, the Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock HD uses a single USB-C cable to plug into your MacBook, MacBook Pro (or other USB-C devices)…

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Logitech M330 Silent Plus mouse review

The Good: A simple design, comfortable materials and reliable performing mouse. Best of all, it works as advertised and drastically reduces the sound compared to other mice. The Bad: As the ‘Plus’ model to the M330 Silent I would have liked to see larger dimensions. I don’t have the largest hands but even I find…


STM Drifter review: A lightweight backpack for your tech

The Good: STM have built a bag here that’s lightweight, durable, comfortable and comes with plenty of storage for everyone. The Bad: The shoulder straps on the Drifter backpack could be better padded. The Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a functional, storage-packed and versatile backpack, the STM Drifter is a great option. I own quite a…

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The new BatteryBox Slim is a super portable battery for your laptop

The original BatteryBox I reviewed was a brilliant accessory/tool to own as a MacBook owner. Instead of carrying around Apple’s messy power cord, BatteryBox gave me portable power wherever I was without the need to connect to a power outlet. Now the company behind BatteryBox, GBatteries, has launched BatteryBox Slim: an external battery that’s thinner…

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Logitech MX Master Mouse Review: The Best Mouse For Mac & Windows

The Good: Logitech’s MX Master has a wonderful and comfortable design, paired with some very useful buttons & scrolling wheels for productivity. The Bad: This mouse isn’t made for lefties and the back/forward buttons for navigating webpages could be more comfortably placed. The Bottom Line: Hands-down my favourite mouse. It’s comfortable over prolonged periods of…