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Logitech M330 Silent Plus mouse review

The Good: A simple design, comfortable materials and reliable performing mouse. Best of all, it works as advertised and drastically reduces the sound compared to other mice.

The Bad: As the ‘Plus’ model to the M330 Silent I would have liked to see larger dimensions. I don’t have the largest hands but even I find it small, so try to find a shop to test before buying.

The Bottom Line: Logitech have built a very good & affordable mouse here. If you’re looking to create the least amount of noise possible, pick up one of these.

If the sound of clicking and scrolling is doing your head in, you’ll probably like the sound of this: Logitech have created a silent mouse called the M330 Silent Plus.

Shipping in black, red and blue, Logitech’s M330 is the first mouse in the world to receive “Quiet Mark” certification and flaunts up to 90% noise reduction, 24 months of battery life (what?!) and usability up to 10m away.

Design & comfort


logitech-m330-silent-plus-blue Unlike the gaming and power user mice in Logitech’s locker — the MX Master for instance — the M330 Silent Plus isn’t breaking the mould in the design department. The soft rubberised finish surrounding the mouse gives it a comfortable feel and improves your grip, while the top buttons are made up of a familiar matte black plastic.

If you’re used to a larger mouse you’ll probably find the M330 takes some getting used to with small dimensions of just 105.4 mm (H) x 67.9 mm (W) x 38.4 mm (D). Personally, I had to switch from resting my entire palm on the surface of the MX Master mouse to using just the top half of my hand on the M330 Silent mouse. It’s not that it’s uncomfortably small or anything, but the M330 mouse is certainly for those with smaller hands — or for those who’d like a compact, portable mouse for the road.

Turn the M330 Silent mouse around and you’ve got a small power switch — useful for saving the battery, which Logitech claims can run for up to 24 months — a cover for the battery compartment and “durable, high performance feet”.


Logitech haven’t managed to make an entirely silent mouse, but the M330 is certainly on the way there. Press down on the left or right buttons and rather than the distinctive ‘clicky’ sound we’ve grown up with, the M330 produces more of a flat/dead sound that’s hardly noticeable. In a quiet office you can still hear your own clicks, but it’s rather impressive when you compare the sound to something like the aforementioned MX Master.

Here’s a short video comparing the sounds:


Even scrolling has left me compelled to agree with their claims of 90% noise reduction. As you should hear in the video, there’s a noticeable difference between the sound of the scrolling wheel (and buttons) on the M330 Silent mouse in comparison to the other two. And to add a dash of extra usefulness, Logitech have made the scrolling wheel clickable too so that you can use it just like your left button.

In terms of work surfaces, I’ve been able to use the M330 Silent Plus on my bare wooden table as well as on a faux-leather mouse mat and it works great on both.

Logitech M330 Silent Plus mouse: verdict

At under £30 the Logitech M330 Silent Plus mouse is a very good buy. Whether you’re a student packing in constant library sessions or an desk worker who wants peace and quiet, this mouse actually does produce a much quieter working environment.

You’ve got the mouse; you just need a silent keyboard to go with this now!

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