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Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse Review: My Indispensable Productivity Tool

There’s a lot of gear I can chop & change without giving too much thought to, but my Logitech MX Master 3 mouse is one I almost always need to use when getting serious work done. Ever since getting my hands on the original Logitech MX Master, the range of scrolling wheels, buttons and gesture…

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iStorage diskAshur Pro hard drive review: PIN-protected, portable storage

The Good: The diskAshur Pro has an unassuming design (which is good in this case), good layers of security and is easy to use. The Bad: It will cost you significantly more than a standard USB 3.0 hard drive, but that’s the price for extra security. The Bottom Line: If the Cloud or a personal hard drive doesn’t…

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Microsoft is making Windows 10 updates smaller (and faster) to download

Updating a Windows machine can be a painstaking process, but with a new tecnology called UUP — or Unified Update Platform — Microsoft is aiming to drastically reduce the size of your update downloads. Available to Windows Insider users on PC, tablet, smartphones, IoT and HoloLens devices, UUP aims to reduce the download size of updates by…

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Belkin’s Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock HD is a one-cable docking solution

If the announcement of a new MacBook Pro with just USB-C ports has you raging inside, Belkin has announced a new dock to help avoid countless adapters. As with its previous Thunderbolt dock, the Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock HD uses a single USB-C cable to plug into your MacBook, MacBook Pro (or other USB-C devices)…

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Logitech M330 Silent Plus mouse review

The Good: A simple design, comfortable materials and reliable performing mouse. Best of all, it works as advertised and drastically reduces the sound compared to other mice. The Bad: As the ‘Plus’ model to the M330 Silent I would have liked to see larger dimensions. I don’t have the largest hands but even I find…

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HP’s Pavilion Wave looks more like a speaker than a PC

I spent my teenage years trying my best to hide the desktop PCs I owned. They were hardly attractive and took up more space than anything. Well, HP’s new Pavilion Wave desktop PC is the kind of product that will certainly stand out in the computer/PC aisles — mainly because it hardly looks like one. Sizing…

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Apple adds 2TB iCloud storage tier ahead of iPhone 7 launch

While the tech world eagerly awaits the launch of Apple’s new smartphone, the iPhone 7, they’ve launched a 2TB iCloud storage option for $20/£14 a month. Alongside the free 5GB of storage every iCloud user gets by default, the newly introduced 2TB tier joins the existing 50GB, 200GB and 1TB options. This could imply a change of storage options…

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Acer announces new Swift 7 laptop that’s just 1cm thin

It looks like laptop manufacturers are on a mission to make their machines as ultra portable as possible, and so far the results look very impressive. Today, ahead of IFA 2016 in Berlin, Acer has announced a range of laptops including the Swift 1($249/€349) all the way to the very good looking Swift 7 ($999/€1299)…

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Logitech MX Master Mouse Review: The Best Mouse For Mac & Windows

The Good: Logitech’s MX Master has a wonderful and comfortable design, paired with some very useful buttons & scrolling wheels for productivity. The Bad: This mouse isn’t made for lefties and the back/forward buttons for navigating webpages could be more comfortably placed. The Bottom Line: Hands-down my favourite mouse. It’s comfortable over prolonged periods of…

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Core i3 and i7 Models Now Selling

Up until now, you could only pick up the Core i5 variant of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, however you can finally purchase the brand new Core i3 and i7 models today.