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Microsoft is making Windows 10 updates smaller (and faster) to download

Updating a Windows machine can be a painstaking process, but with a new tecnology called UUP — or Unified Update Platform — Microsoft is aiming to drastically reduce the size of your update downloads.

Available to Windows Insider users on PC, tablet, smartphones, IoT and HoloLens devices, UUP aims to reduce the download size of updates by approximately 35% when going from one major update to another. Microsoft manages this only sending you a download package with the changes made since your last update instead of a full build — a big benefit for users with limited bandwidth.

Posted on the Windows 10 blog, Bill Karagounis, Director of Program Management, Windows Insider Program & OS Fundamentals writes:

“We have also revamped how devices check for updates, making them more efficient. As we move to UUP, we are reducing the update data sent to client devices as well as the amount of processing we are doing on devices, this especially important for devices built on the Mobile OS. Using UUP, when your device checks for updates, the Windows Update service will evaluate which updates are needed by a given device. The Windows Update service then returns these updates to the device for download and install.”

If you’re not on the Windows Insider program you’ll need to wait until the Windows 10 Creators Update is released next year.

By Fabio Virgi

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