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Magical Text Expander (for Google Chrome) review – Work faster with this free extension

Anybody that works on Google Chrome daily (and I mean anybody), needs to have this free extension called Magical Text Expander installed. If you tend to type similar things on a daily basis — the same kind of reply to customer enquiries, a sales outreach email or even the link to your website — Magical…

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Play retro console games on Android, for free, with RetroArch – an emulator that fits in your pocket

Picture this: You’re on the move — maybe in a car or a train — mindlessly scrolling through your social media accounts, burning time. Now alternatively, what if you can take those large, bulky and dusty old video game consoles and literally fit all of them into your phone? It’s a brilliant (and fun) idea…

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 April 2018 update focuses on saving you time

Earlier today Microsoft announced a fresh update to Windows 10 — the April 2018 update which will be free to download from 30th April. The theme surrounding this release is based on saving time and making your time spent working more productive with two features: Timeline and Focus Assist. Windows 10: Timeline Timeline has been built…

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Giveaway: 10 F-Secure TOTAL (internet security & privacy) subscriptions worth $110/£100

Thanks to our sponsors F-Secure for making this giveaway of F-Secure Total possible! F-Secure Total combines two very useful apps — F-Secure Safe for internet security and Freedome VPN for online privacy — in just one package. Now usually, a one year subscription of F-Secure Total would cost you $110/£100 to cover 5 devices. This month however, they’re offering 10 of…

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F-Secure TOTAL first impressions: a combination of internet security & privacy

Many thanks to F-Secure Total for sponsoring Let’s Talk Tech this month. Without realising it, so many of us leave our devices exposed to outside threats on a daily basis. Every time you log into a public WiFi network at your local coffee shop, supermarkets or hotels, your data is susceptible to hackers spying and tracking on…

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First impressions of Acer’s ultrathin Swift 7 laptop

Earlier this year at IFA 2016, Acer announced their latest flagship laptop called the Swift 7: an incredibly lightweight laptop with solid specs, an impressively thin body under 1cm thin and a £999.99 price tag. This weekend, Acer have taken a group of bloggers including myself on an annual Acer Live Blog trip to Glasgow — meaning…

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How to fix Dell XPS 15 laptop display flickering

I’ve currently got the Dell XPS 15 in for review, and for the most part, I think it’s a fantastic machine to work on and I’ll miss it when it’s returned. The standout feature on this laptop is of course that 4K InfinityEdge display; it’s so good to work on with good viewing angles, a…

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Microsoft is making Windows 10 updates smaller (and faster) to download

Updating a Windows machine can be a painstaking process, but with a new tecnology called UUP — or Unified Update Platform — Microsoft is aiming to drastically reduce the size of your update downloads. Available to Windows Insider users on PC, tablet, smartphones, IoT and HoloLens devices, UUP aims to reduce the download size of updates by…

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F-Secure’s new Total Security & Privacy combines VPN & Internet Security

F-Secure has a range of useful apps in their portfolio including F-Secure Booster, Key, Freedome and Safe — but they’re all standalone products you need to buy individually. This week, the company announced a new product that combines their VPN (Freedome) and Internet Security (Safe) apps into a single subscription, and it’s called F-Secure Total Security & Privacy. Costing…

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Nuance’s latest PDF Editor: Power PDF 2

This is a sponsored post provided by Nuance for Power PDF 2. Power PDF 2 is Nuance’s latest version of their PDF editing software, and here is an overview of its new and updated capabilities. Find out more about Power PDF 2 here. Compatibility Before you read this overview, we should make it clear that…