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Nuance’s latest PDF Editor: Power PDF 2

This is a sponsored post provided by Nuance for Power PDF 2.

Power PDF 2 is Nuance’s latest version of their PDF editing software, and here is an overview of its new and updated capabilities.

Find out more about Power PDF 2 here.


Before you read this overview, we should make it clear that Power PDF is currently not available on Mac. Nevertheless, Power PDF 2 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and supports all Microsoft Office programs including Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word.

Power PDF 2 is 100% compatible with Adobe Acrobat, and supports advanced file formats such as movie and audio embedded files. It now also supports Microsoft 10 Touch enabled devices to add a digital signature to PDF files and supports 3D embedded content to make your PDF files really stand out.

Create and Convert PDF Files

With Power PDF 2, you can create and convert PDF files from all rich text formats including, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. and will retain all the advanced formats of the original files. Users can now also convert PDF files to audio files (.mp3) using Nuance’s dictation software, Dragon Naturally Speaking, so that users can listen to the files on the go.


Once installed, Power PDF automatically integrates with Microsoft Office so that users can the convert and create PDF documents straight from a Microsoft Office program.


Power PDF 2 also integrates with popular internet explorers including Firefox and Google Chrome so that users can convert and create PDF files directly from a web page whilst retaining hyperlinks from the original page.


Search PDF Files

Power PDF uses intelligent optical character recognition technology so that users can create searchable PDF files from their scanner.

Power PDF’s ‘Looks Like’ search feature also allows users to quickly identify particular numbers using their alphanumeric pattern and includes a custom ‘Looks Like’ tool to find numbers that are unique to the user’s documents.

PDF Security

Users can create password protected PDF files and can grant different levels of access to individuals, depending on what you want them to see. Power PDF 2 also has improved redaction capabilities that quickly identify and ‘hide’ sensitive information.

Merge and Assemble Multiple PDF Files

Power PDF lets users merge and assemble multiple PDF files into a single PDF document and offers document assembly features to insert, extract, replace, crop, rotate and delete pages on one easy to view layout.

Once PDF files have been merged, users can arrange images, videos, and PDF files into a digital portfolio that can then be compressed and printed in batch.


PDF Review and Collaboration

Power PDF is compatible with all popular cloud computing programs, including, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and Microsoft One Drive, so that users can access documents anywhere online and simultaneously edit the same document.

Colleagues can then track revisions and add comments to PDF files to easily collaborate remotely with each other.

PDF Forms

Power PDF supports Adobe’s dynamic forms and can convert a PDF file into a fillable form so that users can simply fill out a form without the need of printing and scanning. Nuance offers tips and video tutorials on how to use their software, advising their users how to fill out a PDF form or how to convert from PDF to Word on their website.


To learn more about Power PDF 2’s features and pricing, visit the Nuance website here.

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