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Magical Text Expander (for Google Chrome) review – Work faster with this free extension

Anybody that works on Google Chrome daily (and I mean anybody), needs to have this free extension called Magical Text Expander installed. If you tend to type similar things on a daily basis — the same kind of reply to customer enquiries, a sales outreach email or even the link to your website — Magical…

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 April 2018 update focuses on saving you time

Earlier today Microsoft announced a fresh update to Windows 10 — the April 2018 update which will be free to download from 30th April. The theme surrounding this release is based on saving time and making your time spent working more productive with two features: Timeline and Focus Assist. Windows 10: Timeline Timeline has been built…

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Recover important files with Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional

Few things feel worse than losing important files, folders of family photos, music libraries or video files you’ve accumulated over the years. It’s a gut-wrenching feeling. Whether it’s down to a system error on your Mac or you accidentally deleted a bunch of important files (and then emptied your trash to make matters worse 😱), recovering…

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My experience moving from iOS to Android

When I thought about writing this article, the important thing to me was to present this in a clear view where there is no comparison about which is ‘the best’ OS. Much more than ever, I was able to tell that there really isn’t a better option as such. It all comes down to the…

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Siri can now send & request money via PayPal on iPhone

Since its inception, Siri has been one of those assistants that hasn’t been all that useful. That’s changed over time, and while you’ve been able to dictate text messages, ask about the weather or set up a reminder, you (annoyingly) haven’t been able to control any third party apps on your device. Apple recently changed that by making Siri…

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LastPass password manager is now free for all your devices

Password management is hardly the sexiest subject in the tech world, but considering the amount of hacks, identity fraud and scandals we hear about on the news, paying extra care & attention to your passwords is turning into a must. That’s why today, LastPass has made their password manager free to use across all of your…

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Nuance’s latest PDF Editor: Power PDF 2

This is a sponsored post provided by Nuance for Power PDF 2. Power PDF 2 is Nuance’s latest version of their PDF editing software, and here is an overview of its new and updated capabilities. Find out more about Power PDF 2 here. Compatibility Before you read this overview, we should make it clear that…

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Gemini 2: An Excellent Upgrade to an Indispensable Tool

Gemini 2 is an excellent upgrade to MacPaw’s duplicate finder. Not only does it boast new features that enhance usability, but it’s gotten faster and smarter about how it does things.

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Giveaway: Win a subscription of F-Secure Booster for Android & PC

Thanks to our sponsors F-Secure for making this giveaway of F-Secure Booster possible! It’s inevitable that over time, as you install new apps, download new files and generally use your PC or Android devices they’ll slow down. However what many people don’t realise is that instead of splashing out money a brand new device, apps like F-Secure Booster can optimise your…

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F-Secure Booster: Device running slow? You don’t need a new one, you just need a boost!

I’d like to send a big shout out to F-Secure for sponsoring Let’s Talk Tech this month. Over time, computers and devices get worn down by use and cluttered up with files you don’t really need. Failed batteries, slow operations and time-consuming maintenance makes people think they need to replace their device, but they often find the same problems…