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LastPass password manager is now free for all your devices

Password management is hardly the sexiest subject in the tech world, but considering the amount of hacks, identity fraud and scandals we hear about on the news, paying extra care & attention to your passwords is turning into a must.

That’s why today, LastPass has made their password manager free to use across all of your devices.

LastPass will now provide unlimited synchronisation across all devices

The unlimited sync feature was previously limited to the $12 per month premium version, which is whyJoe Siegrist, VP and GM of LastPass, hopes that removing this limitation will make it “much easier for everyone to make good password habits the norm, while resetting the expectations of what a great password management experience should be in a multi-device world.”

Setting up LastPass is nice and simple; I just had to create an account, install the app on my iPhone and the Chrome extension on my computer and that was it. As soon as you log into a site like Facebook, LastPass will prompt you to save your password.

With a password manager like this you can create really complex passwords to protect your accounts — LastPass can generate them for you — and they’ll all be stored safely under one master password.

LastPass password manager is available across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android making it widely accessible to most users, and you can download it today from their website or your device’s app store.

For more information about LastPass, including their premium version, visit

By Fabio Virgi

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