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F-Secure Booster: Device running slow? You don’t need a new one, you just need a boost!

I’d like to send a big shout out to F-Secure for sponsoring Let’s Talk Tech this month.

Over time, computers and devices get worn down by use and cluttered up with files you don’t really need. Failed batteries, slow operations and time-consuming maintenance makes people think they need to replace their device, but they often find the same problems waiting for them.

Many of these issues are too small to be noticeable on their own, but they build up over time and cause computers and devices to become slow and unstable, forcing many to consider upgrading to newer devices. However, with a little optimising, you can get your old device running like new again.

Here are some simple tips on how you could get rid of the clutter and maximise the life of your device.

1. More space

Are you running low on space on your device? No matter how much disk space a device has when it’s new, over time it starts to run out. Apps, app data, large media files, downloads and other unused user data, (such as OneNote, Skype and Google play music) can start to litter your device. You might find your device is out of space for your photos or you can’t install any more apps. Cleaning up this excess junk will free up space for the content that you really want.

Photos and videos are some of the biggest space takers. You can free a lot of space just by going through and individually deleting out the photos you don’t want or need anymore from your gallery. Or you can back all of them up to another hard drive or cloud service, then remove them from your device altogether. Another way to create that extra space is to uninstall apps you don’t use. And if you are not sure if you use an app, you can always reinstall it later.

Now, while you’re on this page, you should open your download folder and check what’s there – chances are there’s a lot of stuff you don’t need anymore that you can delete. In addition, clear your cached data from apps and browsers. This data is saved to enable quicker processing, but over time it all adds up and slows down your system.

2. Faster performance

Is it taking too long for your PC or phone to boot up? Too many processes running in the background that are dragging down your gaming or media experience? If your device is running slow or if apps are taking too long to start up, you could use an optimisation product for faster start-up times, browsing, file operations and making your apps run smoother.

3. Better battery life

Wouldn’t it be nice if your battery would last a little longer? Your device’s battery gets consumed by unnecessary apps and processes. By closing those down when not using them, you can extend your battery life so you don’t need to plug in as often. To be extra safe and battery savvy, turn off your WiFi and Bluetooth when you don’t need them so they are not broadcasting your presence to potential hackers nearby. This is a good security habit to get into!

Enabling your device’s power saving mode will save battery life and restrict all background data, this includes features in emails, messages, games and other apps that rely on the use of WiFi or mobile data. This also means, you can’t use any apps, unless you open the app in question.

The quickest and easiest way to take care of the above items is to run F-Secure Booster, which is a free optimisation product run by F-Secure. With F-Secure Booster you can now “tune-up” old and new devices to perform faster and run longer while at the same time avoiding costly upgrades that are not required.


So how does this work? F-Secure Booster takes care of difficult and time-consuming maintenance, such as cleaning unused files that programs create for temporary use, updating software and drivers, and tuning processes that drain the battery life from phones and laptops. The software also manages the potentially unwanted programs that come preinstalled on many newer mobile phones and other devices. These small inefficiencies waste things like memory and disk space, so getting rid of this waste gives you more storage space, longer lasting batteries and an overall better performing device or computer.

Pricing and availability

F-Secure Booster is currently available for Android devices and Windows PCs. F-Secure offers both free and premium versions of Booster, with the premium version offering the more advanced features, such as automatic software updating and other capabilities that keep devices running quickly and efficiently.

The Windows PC version is available from F-Secure’s website and the Android offering is available through Google Play. Premium prices start at £23.90 per year for 1 device, or £38.90 for 1 year, 3 devices.

By Fabio Virgi

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