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Yohann MacBook stand review

For the last few months, the Yohann MacBook stand has earned itself a permanent spot on my desk, and I have to say that I absolutely love it. Not only is it a beautiful-looking stand but it has also been incredibly helpful in maintaining my posture and avoiding neck pain, as it keeps my MacBook Pro display propped up at a comfortable level to work on.

First of all, let’s get one important point out of the way: the Yohann MacBook stand is very expensive at £140 or ($159/€159). For most people, it’ll be considered a luxury accessory rather than a necessity which is totally understandable, but if you aren’t put off by the price tag yet, let me tell you a little more about this stand because it genuinely is a fantastic product.

Design & Yohann background

Yohann MacBook stand has a beautiful wooden finish with a minimal design.

Yohann puts a lot of emphasis on their core philosophies of sustainability and ethical production, which you can read about here. Their stands are crafted from a single block of sustainably grown FSC-certified “finest quality Walnut and Oak wood” from selected European and North American plantations, not at risk of extinction.

As opposed to the mass-produced products manufactured in Asia, Yohann’s MacBook stand is made by a family-owned, traditional wood workshop in northern Italy and hand-finished in Germany. “Each piece is painstakingly sanded on all surfaces to a smooth finish which is then protected with a fine coating of natural oil and wax to bring out its beautiful and unique wood grains.”

Lastly, Yohann employs disabled people in Germany’s workshop (supervised by a quality control team), to finish off the process with packaging, storage and shipping.

Using the Yohann MacBook stand

The Yohann MacBook stand works by sliding the front edge of the laptop into the grooved lip of the Yohann stand. You then tilt the stand & laptop back and Yohann keeps the entire setup nicely balanced. Removing it is a simple case of lowering the MacBook to the desk again and sliding it back out.

The Yohann stand keeps your display at a comfortable height.

In actual use, the Yohann MacBook stand gives my laptop a perfect height to work on and genuinely helps me maintaining an upright posture. Rather than slouching over my MacBook sitting at desk level, it’s perched higher up alongside my Thunderbolt Display for an ergonomic and healthy working environment.

I’ve never had any issues with stability and to be honest, because of its design, I quickly forget that it’s even there! If you have an all-wooden desk setup then this is going to look great.

Yohann MacBook stand: Conclusion

Some will argue that you could just put your MacBook on a stack of books instead and save some money, and I wouldn’t blame them. For a long time, I genuinely did that. But if you take pride in a beautiful & minimal desk setup then you’re going to really like Yohann’s MacBook stand.

£140 is a lot of money so this isn’t for everyone, however, if you care enough about excellent craftsmanship, the environment and sustainability  — and you’re willing to pay for it — then I can tell you that you’ll really like this stand. I love mine!

By Fabio Virgi

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