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Want To Improve Your MacBook’s Battery Life? Stop Using This Web Browser

I rely heavily on my web browser to help me get serious work done, so it needs to perform well, offer plenty of functionality (extensions & plugins) and most importantly: it can’t negatively affect battery life.

As the guys at BatteryBox found out, the browser you use could have a detrimental effect on your MacBook’s battery life, so it’s super important to pick the right one.

So, which browser performs the best? Here’s a chart they put together to show just that:


As you can see, Chrome’s 5 hours and 8 minutes came out worst while Safari trumped both competing browsers, offering up 6 hours 21 minutes. This is actually in line with my own experience too; I used Chrome for a couple of months because of its rich features, but quickly found I was trading up battery life. I’ve been back to Safari for a while now and totally happy with my Mac’s performance!

Read more about BatteryBox’s experiment here.

BatteryBox is a portable power bank for your MacBook, allowing you to keep your Mac juiced up without needing to connect to a wall socket. Learn more about it here.

By Fabio Virgi

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