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3 Reasons The Honor View 20 Is Great For Photography & Video

This article/video has been sponsored by Honor.

The Honor View 20 packs a mean spec sheet, especially when you take into account its very reasonable £400 price tag. With up to 256GB of internal storage, 8GB RAM, Kirin 980 chipset, an all-view display and beautiful design, there’s a lot to be impressed by.

In this video, however, I wanted to focus primarily on what this smartphone can do for content creators — especially anybody on social media and/or YouTube — using the 48MP rear and 25MP selfie cameras.

1) Design & All-View Display

OK so this first point isn’t directly related to content creation, but they’re points that are hard to ignore!

The Honor View 20 was the first smartphone to feature the ‘camera cutout’ design instead of a notch, making it far less of an eye-sore than its notched competitors and giving us much more screen real-estate to play with. Whether you’re browsing photos, playing games or watching a YouTube video, the full HD All-View display is far more pleasurable to watch than an invasive notch so I’m a big fan of this.

On the back, Honor has stuck with the ‘Aurora Nanotexture’ design for a shimmery and bold look. You can keep the pre-included transparent case Honor provides, but if you’re feeling brave this is one smartphone that looks and feels lovely in the hand.

2) Videography for YouTubers

The View 20 is capable of shooting in 4K up to 30 frames per second, and it does so to a very high standard. For the purpose of this video, however, I focused on its HD capabilities as I feel that’s what most people will shoot at.

At both 30fps and 60fps (a good slo-mo option that doesn’t degrade image quality as much as 120fps), you’re getting clean, crisp footage with excellent stability.

The noteworthy feature for me is the AI Background Blur mode within the Honor View 20 camera app. You’ll need to shoot on the rear-facing 48MP camera — which annoyingly means you can’t see what you’re recording — however it creates a blurred background effect similar to Instagram’s ‘Focus’ mode, or the high-end bokeh effect you get on expensive DSLR lenses.

Now of course the quality of the background blur isn’t perfect, but edge detection is good enough that if you’re recording vlogs for YouTube you’ll be achieving a ‘high end’ look without investing in high end equipment.

3) A Powerful 48MP Camera

I learned a long time ago that camera specs don’t mean a whole lot when it comes to image quality, but it’s hard to ignore the 48MP rear camera on the Honor View 20. It actually takes some truly impressive photos.

Switch on the 48MP AI Ultra Clarity mode and you’ll be able to capture an incredible amount of detail. I could 2x, 3x or even 4x zoom on the images I’ve taken and still read/see fine details — especially in landscape shots. If you’re a content creator who wants a powerful camera without paying flagship prices, you’re getting a lot of value here.

Even if you don’t end up using the 48MP resolution — it is overkill for most scenarios to be fair — the 12MP also shoots vibrant, sharp photos.

So there you have it! 3 reasons why I think the Honor View 20 is a great smartphone for content creators. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments.

By Fabio Virgi

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