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#AcerLiveBlog: Spending A Weekend With Acer’s Latest Tech

Acer recently took me and a bunch of other UK bloggers to Dublin as part of a live blogging trip. Not only was it an opportunity for us to play with some of their devices, but we also had to complete a number of challenges around the city.

Here’s a short video I made about the trip:

Cooks Academy

Soon after we arrived and got freshened up, we set off on our first challenge: cooking! Now I’m great at eating food, but cooking it? Not so much.

It was a brilliant experience though. We got put into small teams and put together a glamorous 3 course meal. To my surprise, my team won the cook-off!

Our team won the #ChefIdol cook-off at @CooksAcademy! 🎉🍛🍴 #AcerLiveBlog @acerUK @mak1403

A photo posted by Fabio Virgi (@fabiovirgi) on

And here’s the food we came out with:

Our masterpiece at the #AcerLiveBlog cook off! Tastes as good as it looked! A photo posted by Fabio Virgi (@fabiovirgi) on

Gaelic games!

After a short night’s rest, we set off to try our hand at some Gaelic games. Here are some photos of us, with the bright green Acer t-shirts of course 😉

The tablet + pencil combo

Once we wrapped up the games, it was time to complete a few challenges around the city. Acer wanted us to test out their cool feature which allows you to use a pencil to draw on the tablet. It’s meant to give you finer control than what you’d get with your finger, and for the most part it did. On the odd occasion the pencil would stutter and skip slightly, leaving me with a gap between lines. More often than not though, it worked quite well!

All in all, it was a great weekend away so a huge thank you to Acer for sending us out to Dublin! You can also find my unboxing of the Acer Iconia One 8 tablet here.

By Fabio Virgi

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