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BlackBerry Goes Back to its Roots With New Blackberry Classic

BlackBerry, formerly known as RIM, is a company that has been standing on it’s last legs in the tech industry for the best part of the past 3 years. They have battled through several quarterly loss reports, releasing failed device after failed device. In fact, for the 12 months before March 2014, BlackBerry reported a $5.9b loss. You read that correctly, 5.9 billion dollars. That’s a huge blow for a company like BlackBerry.

With all that said, a new beginning may be on the horizon for BlackBerry. They have taken the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” route to try and win back current and former customers by releasing a new phone, based on their old phones.

Earlier this week, BlackBerry CEO John Chen posted an open letter to the BlackBerry Blog announcing the new BlackBerry Classic phone. In summary, the BlackBerry Classic is a new smartphone to be released by BlackBerry, based on the old keyboard, trackpad and large screen design, but unlike the new BlackBerry Passport, the phone is a usable size and is proportionate to your hands.

Now finally, after years of people’s request, BlackBerry has built, well, a real BlackBerry again. They haven’t given any indication on when it will be available for sale but you can register for updates here.

Will you be getting the BlackBerry Classic when it releases? Do you think this is a real opportunity for BlackBerry’s revival? Let us know in the comments below or on our¬†Twitter @LetsTalk_Tech!

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