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Edifier M3200BT 2.1 speakers review: A stylish audio upgrade for your desk

The Good: The Edifier M3200BT 2.1 speakers are going to look awesome wherever you put them, and they come with Bluetooth & NFC connectivity options.

The Bad: Vocals can sound a little flat.

The Bottom Line: If you’re on the hunt for an inexpensive upgrade to your desktop speakers, the stylish Edifier M3200BT are worth your consideration.

Just like TVs, computer monitors don’t usually come with the best of speakers — often producing flat and tinny sound. Speaker systems like the Edifier M3200BT are a great way to add some style to your desk setup without breaking the bank at just under £50. And what’s more, it’s packing 34 watts of power (R.M.S.) and comes with Bluetooth and NFC connectivity options too.


The Edifier M3200BT speakers look great on any desk setup

Take a look at Edifier’s product lineup and it’s easy to tell that these guys make some stylish audio gear, and the Edifier M3200BT 2.1 speakers certainly look good with a slender, hour glass design. The glossy black finish and silver trim gives it an elegant look that’s bound to fit into any setup, and because they’re quite narrow they shouldn’t occupy too much space either. edifier-m3200bt-speakers-review-subwoofer

Both speakers are lightweight but a textured base keeps them well positioned on your desk, and while the subwoofer (with 5″ driver) has a very similar design style with black gloss and silver trims, it’s essentially just a wooden box without much to get excited about. They’ve kept it quite small which I’m happy about, meaning it won’t take up tons of space under your desk.

The M3200BT speakers come with a wired volume controller you can keep at arm’s length. Not only does it look great with a big silver dial and a red or blue ‘halo’ light surrounding it (depending on whether you’re using Bluetooth or wired), but Edifier have also built headphones and AUX ports into this thing for convenient access.

The volume controller looks great and works very well too


My main testing was done via a wired connection to my Mac for better sound quality, and although I don’t have access to an NFC-equipped device to test with, Bluetooth connectivity on the Edifier M3200BT was very easy and quick.

For the £50 price I wasn’t expecting mind-blowing sound, so I’ve been very happy with their performance. Thanks to the 5″ driver in the subwoofer you’re getting solid, punchy bass for movie watching and music, and testing across a range of genres I was pleased with how the speakers performed.

Turn the bass down however and you’re left with little to excite you. Without the subwoofer’s input I found the M3200BT speakers to sound a bit flat, especially the vocals, so you’ll definitely want to keep bass turned up to get better, well-rounded sound quality.

One way or another, if you’re using your monitor’s in-built speakers or are rocking some old desktop speakers that came with your PC, these will almost certainly sound better.

Suggestion: Using an equaliser app like Boom 2 for Mac helps to improve sound detail and clarity, so if you have access to one, use it for the best performance.

Edifier M3200BT 2.1 speakers: Verdict

Taking into account the very reasonable price tag, I’ve been very pleased with the Edifier M3200BT. Edifier are packing plenty of modern connectivity options like Bluetooth and NFC, the speakers have a stylish design and they don’t take up much space either.

Use them with an equaliser to improve the sound quality slightly and you’ve got yourself a good buy here.

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