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#MadeByGoogle: Google announces the Google Pixel smartphone

We’ll be adding to this post throughout the #MadeByGoogle event…

Despite all the leaks in the last few days (cough cough CarPhone Warehouse), Google has officially announced the Google Pixel phone.

Google Assistant

During the launch (so far), they’ve paid particular attention to the new “Google Assistant”, which is essentially Google Now on steroids — dedicated to being your personal virtual assistant. You can ask Google Assistant to show you photos from a particular time (rather than manually searching the app), voice dictating a message which can get sent via any messaging app including WhatsApp and can even grab information for you based on the information on your display at the time.


Based on DXO Mark Mobile — the people who rate mobile cameras — the Google Pixel achieved an impressive score of 89. That’s the highest of any smartphone camera on the market, including the iPhone.

They also claim to have the fastest capture of any smartphone camera, which is a bold claim.

With the Pixel, you also get free, unlimited storage for all of your photos and videos at full resolution — something you have to otherwise pay for with other smartphones.


  • 12.3MP camera
  • f2.0 aperture

Easier updates of Android

Thanks to updates to Android Nougat, your Google Pixel smartphone will download and install the latest updates in the background so that you don’t have to stare at a progress bar.

24/7 live customer case

You can reach customer support over phone or live chat, just in case you need help with your device. You can even share your display to make it easier — something Amazon tried to offer with the Fire phone.



Ships in 5 and 5.5 inch sizes, and three colours: black, silver and blue.


Ships with Verizon in the U.S., and other international partners like BestBuy, EE and Dixons.

It’ll shop for $649 off contract and starts at $27 on contract.

Smartphone specs


We’ll be adding to this post throughout the #MadeByGoogle event…

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