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Using your phone as a personal assistant: Daily uses for Siri & Google

Ever since I bought my first iPhone I’ve used Siri (and Google Assistant on Android devices) as much as I can. They’re far from perfect — sometimes your device will struggle to understand your accent, or it’s simply incapable of completing the task you’ve asked for — but for basic, day-to-day tasks these assistants are…

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#MadeByGoogle: Google announces the Google Pixel smartphone

We’ll be adding to this post throughout the #MadeByGoogle event… Despite all the leaks in the last few days (cough cough CarPhone Warehouse), Google has officially announced the Google Pixel phone. Google Assistant During the launch (so far), they’ve paid particular attention to the new “Google Assistant”, which is essentially Google Now on steroids —…

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5 disruptive characteristics of AI and how they might change the world

Guest author:┬áMary D. is a Philosophy & Literature graduate currently working as a freelance writer while traveling through Europe. Exceptionally passionate about Technology since an early age (“raised by the Internet”, some would say), today she writes about the important contemporary technological innovations ranging anywhere between Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. Artificial Intelligence, known as…

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Google’s Motion Stills app creates fun GIFs & movies from your Apple Live Photos

I love Apple’s Live Photo feature because it’s a brilliant way to capture a moment beyond a static photograph. The combination of audio with that brief second before and after creates a fun and interactive memory. Sharing those Live Photos is a problem though since they need to be created into GIFs before you can…

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Google Can Now Help You Decide The Best Android Phone For You

If you’re looking to upgrade to a new Android phone but can’t choose from the vast flagship selection, Google has you covered. Their brand new web application will narrow down the choices based on the information you enter. Once you’ve clicked the ‘Get Started’ button, you are taken to a new page which lets you…

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Google Updates Slides To Support Chromecast

Google have finally brought support for the Chromecast and AirPlay within their Slides application, meaning that you’ll now be able to stream your presentations onto your HDMI supported displays. Once the presentation has been streamed to a supported device, such as the Chromecast, your mobile device will act as a remote which will let you…

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Google Releases Snapseed 2.0 Update

After much success with the original Snapseed application, Google have just released version 2.0 of the photo editing application for iOS and Android. The update packs a number of new effects along with a much more visual and intuitive user interface, however Google decided to keep the same basic idea of sliding up or down…

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How to Install Snapseed 2.0 Ahead of Google Play Launch

Google’s photo editing application, Snapseed, has recently received the 2.0 update. Some users are able to download it from the Google Play store right now, however many are still unable to. This is easily overcome though; you can simply sideload the APK file. To start off you’re going to need to ensure that you are…

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Google Glass U.K. Version: Hands On Experience

One of the most anticipated pieces of technology, Google Glass, launched in the U.K. a couple of weeks ago and Google were very eager to show it and it’s capabilities off to the U.K. consumers at their London Glass event. Design & Fit When looking at Glass in videos or photos it doesn’t look bulky…

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Google Analytics App Now Available on iOS

Today, Google has announced a dedicated iOS app for Google Analytics too, and although it’s optimised for iPhone and iPod Touch at the moment, we’re hoping for an iPad version to be made available in the near future.