Audio Car Tech

5 Tips For Crisp Sound In Your Car

Guest author: Kostas Chiotis from It often happens that while you’re driving down the road, you come across a car with an amazing bass beat and crisp sound coming from its stereo. Then you realize how dull and boring your car’s sound system is and desire for an instant improvement. Most people consider that…


What Today’s Gamer Needs for the Ultimate Gaming Setup

You’ve got arthritis in your thumbs, you know every Fortnite dance, and you have dreams about your next online battle. You’re a gamer to the core and proud of it. If your gaming setup lacks pizazz, however, you’re missing out on half the fun. For as much time as you spend with your console (more…


The evolution of the smartphone

This article was contributed by James Friedman, a Media & Communication studies graduate from Leicester. He works as a freelancer writer whilst pursuing his passion of travelling, appreciating a world of technology. Open minded person willing to explore beyond his knowledge. Considering that the smartphone has only existed for a little over a decade, the…

Home & Entertainment TVs

Tech Savvy Consumer Guide: How To Buy The Best TV for Your Needs

Guest Author: Kostas of If you are one of those people who love spending long hours in front of the television, you may want to know which kind of TV can give you the best viewing pleasure. Today, we will talk about how to choose the best TV for your intended needs. Buying a new…

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My top 4 iPad apps for photo editing

Guest author: Michael Penn In this day and age, the iPad is becoming more of a powerful working tool than it ever has been before. With iOS 11 coming out this fall, the iPad is getting some much-needed upgrades to really help it along in the work and education categories. It has also been a great…

Home & Entertainment Security

Home security made easy with WiFi/IP cameras

Home security is something that everyone cares about, but setting up systems to keep you safe can be costly and complicated. For example, CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera systems can cost hundred or thousands of dollars to buy and install. They require tonnes of wiring, drilling through walls and unsightly monitoring and routeing equipment. While that…


Is OnePlus 5 redefining value for money smartphones?

For the last week or so there’s been a lot of buzz around the OnePlus 5. It’s natural to talk about the latest flagship smartphone released, and the OnePlus 5 has also made a major impact on Android fans so far. For many, the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Google’s Pixel have been the…

Apple Smartphones

How iconic can a product get? Looking at the history of iPhone

“Every once in a while a product comes along that changes everything”. We all know Steve Jobs gave us that line when launching the, then outrageous, iPhone. This year, the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone ever released is celebrated and the world is expecting a great new phone. Much due to that event, people…

Smartwatches WatchOS Wearable Tech

Apple Watch gets a phone keypad in watchOS 4

That’s right, Watch folks! How many of you take calls on the Apple Watch? I, for one, do. And as much as it sounds ‘unnecessary’, it’s actually quite handy to have a phone keypad — especially when you’re driving. Yes, when you’re driving! Is there a more dangerous situation to cause an accident because you…

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5 smartest kitchen gadgets that foodies will fall for in 2017

Guest author: Kostas Chiotis is a technology enthusiast and blogger. You can check out his tech blog at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. While our technology has grown by leaps and bounds, one thing doesn’t seem likely to change any time soon: we all need to eat. While you could try your hand…