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Apple Watch gets a phone keypad in watchOS 4

That’s right, Watch folks! How many of you take calls on the Apple Watch? I, for one, do. And as much as it sounds ‘unnecessary’, it’s actually quite handy to have a phone keypad — especially when you’re driving. Yes, when you’re driving!

Is there a more dangerous situation to cause an accident because you have your full dedicated attention to your smartphone? Well, when you just turn your wrist, you’ve got a lot more of your attention in traffic rather than be holding a smartphone. And that goes in sync with Apple’s attention to traffic safety, as presented in WWDC 2017 last week.

As Karen Freeman states on her piece on, for WatchOS 4, there will be the option of dialling a number you do not have on your contacts list on the watch. As of right now, we have the recent, favourites and contacts option available. But we will be able now to punch in the numbers to dial. Those will be large tiles on your screen so if you have big finger tips like myself, that will not be an issue. You will also be able to still use Siri, if you’d like though.

Again, coming back to safety, it can save you a lot of time when you’re lazy to reach out your iPhone from your tight jeans pocket, when your phone’s charging on your desk dock, or especially while you’re driving. Directly through your watch you can simply turn your wrist and answer calls in the blink of an eye (a lot faster than finding your phone in your car or purse and answering it). Now you’ll be able to call a contact not on your contact list – preferably at a traffic stop. Quickly dial your number (works for someone’s extension at work, too) and you can look at the mirror, set your car on drive again and while you talk, you can still drive – without having to hold your phone.

Let me know on the comments below if that is a feature you’re likely to take advantage of, or even if you have any ideas that we could be seeing in the next betas.

Author bio: Ari Rando is a tech enthusiast ever since owned the Ericson T28 in 2000. iOS user since 2008, Mac OS user and Android frequent adventurous!

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