Apple’s new “TV” app for iOS & Apple TV unifies all your content

In today’s event, Apple has introduced a new TV app that aims to unify all of your content — from all of your Apple TV apps — into a single app called “TV”. Thanks to Siri integration, you can continue to watch your favourite shows or movies on any device — since it knows where…

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Acer Live Blog 2016: Belfast, here we come

For the last two years Acer has taken a group of bloggers for weekend trips where we get to explore a new city, complete fun challenges and play with Acer’s newest technology. Last year we headed to Dublin in Ireland to try out some Gaelic sports (that was a lot of fun!) and the year…

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Apple Pay: Use Your iPhone To Pay In The UK From July 2015

Since its launch late last year, Apple’s new payment system Apple Pay has been kept exclusively in the U.S. Today at WWDC 2015 though, they announced the launch of Apple Pay in the UK starting from July. As the owner of an iPhone 6 and Apple Watch I’m really excited about this and how easy it’ll…

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WWDC ’15: Apple Improves Multi-Tasking For iPad In iOS 9

Apple’s iPad has been popular for casual uses like light gaming, social networking and watching videos, however for some, it’s more of a productivity tool used for getting work done. For those users, the iPad has always lacked one thing: good multi-tasking functionality. Today at WWDC 2015, Apple announced that iOS 9 will fix that with three features…

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Gemalto’s NFC Wristbands Make Contactless Payments A Breeze

Ever since I got my hands on a contactless payment card, the chip-and-pin system feels archaic to me. I know it sounds petty (it’s only 4 digits after all), but in comparison to a ‘tap and pay’ experience entering my pin number feels more long-winded than I’d like. That’s why I was excited to try…

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CES 2015: Samsung Launches Portable T1 SSD With 450MB/s Transfer Speeds

If you’ve ever used an SSD (Solid State Drive), you’ll already know just how powerful they are. Samsung’s newly announced SSD T1 is a sleek-looking, slim and portable SSD that takes top-level performance and wraps it in a portable package the “size of a business card”.

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Acer Liquid Jade Smartphone & Liquid Leap Smartband: First Impressions

I was recently invited by Acer on a live blogging trip from London to Edinburgh, where I had a chance to play with the Liquid Jade smartphone and Liquid Leap smartband. Here’s what I think!

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Acer Liveblog 2014: London To Edinburgh

This weekend is set to be a fun one; Acer have been kind enough to invite me (and a number of other UK-based tech bloggers) on a trip from London to Edinburgh to test out a few different products from their lineup. The fun part? Acer has set us a number of challenges to complete using…

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Bluesound UK Product Launch

A fine presentation of a fine product at a fine venue. There was no mention of the “S” word at the “W” Hotel and so the newly launched “Bluesound” brand had all the space it deserved. Bluesound is from the NAD audio electronics and PSB speakers stable and the pedigree, on first listen, was clear…

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What Was Actually Inside The White Building At The Apple Event?

Apple’s work for this years iPhone event started a while ago with the huge mysterious white building. While everyone eagerly waited for the event to start and products to be launched, what was actually inside was anybody’s guess. At the end of the event, press were of course allowed to test the recently announced products,…