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Just Mobile HeadStand Review: A Stylish Stand For Your Headphones

The alternative, and my preferred option, is to leave them nicely perched up on Just Mobile’s HeadStand, a simple £39.99/$49.95 headphone stand that leaves you with a much more stylish way to hang your headphones.

When you splash out on an expensive set of headphones, leaving them lying around on your desk is one option, but that wouldn’t really do them justice now, would it?

The alternative, and my preferred option, is to leave them nicely perched up on Just Mobile’s HeadStand, a simple £39.99/$49.95 headphone stand that leaves you with a much more stylish way to hang your headphones.

Setting It Up

Just Mobile flat-pack the HeadStand for easy transportation, but fortunately setting it up is still quick and easy. All you’ll need to do is tighten a couple of screws (included), attaching the base to the main stand. That’s it.

Design & Build Quality

Resting bar is deep enough for even the largest of headphones.

Just like many other products in Just Mobile’s range, the Headstand is made with an aluminium finish (also available in black) that perfectly complements other Apple products. An Apple-centric desk setup is where it looks most at home, but the HeadStand’s classy style will look great wherever you put it.

Starting from the top, the resting bar is nice and deep — enough to comfortably support my Oppo PM-1 headphones and just enough to squeeze in the B&O Form 2i alongside them, too. It’s unlikely that I’d hang two headphones at once, but it’s nice to have the option!

Wires can be wound up between the base layers to keep your desk tidy.

If you own a set of Bluetooth headphones, they’ll inevitably look good on the HeadStand since there’ll be no cables dangling around to clutter the view.

That’s not to say that wired headphones look messy — you can wind audio cables around the base of the HeadStand to keep them out of sight —but it becomes inefficient when you need to unwind it back to use your headphones again. Either way, it’s a nice little feature addition from Just Mobile.

Grippy base helps to keep the HeadStand well balanced

The HeadStand isn’t the necessarily the heaviest at 342 grams, but it’s dense enough to stay well balance on any surface and the rubberised & grippy base help it to keep traction on your desk.


This is a headphone accessory that has been on my wish list for a while, and now that I’ve had the opportunity to use it, I’m not disappointed.

At £39.99/$49.99 it won’t be an impulse buy for most, that’s for sure. However, if you take pride in your headphones and like keeping your workspace tidy, you’re bound to love Just Mobile’s HeadStand as much as I do.


By Fabio Virgi

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