Just Mobile AluCharge: A slim multi-port USB charger

When you have various devices like smartphones, tablets, speakers and cameras that need USB ports to charge up, it helps to have a few extra ports to spare. The Just Mobile AluCharge provides the solution to that; it’s a very slim and compact USB charger with four ports. AluCharge runs off mains power meaning you’ll…

Audio Headphones

Just Mobile HeadStand Review: A Stylish Stand For Your Headphones

The alternative, and my preferred option, is to leave them nicely perched up on Just Mobile’s HeadStand, a simple £39.99/$49.95 headphone stand that leaves you with a much more stylish way to hang your headphones.

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Just Mobile AluBolt: An Elegant Dock For iPhone & iPad Mini

Just Mobile’s AluBolt (£44.95/$49.95) is a lightning dock for the iPhone 5/5C/5S and iPad Mini that manages to do just that in a very simple but elegant style.