Just Mobile AluCharge: A slim multi-port USB charger

When you have various devices like smartphones, tablets, speakers and cameras that need USB ports to charge up, it helps to have a few extra ports to spare.

The Just Mobile AluCharge provides the solution to that; it’s a very slim and compact USB charger with four ports. AluCharge runs off mains power meaning you’ll need a power source to hand, but instead of using your computer’s underpowered ports or relying on the one USB port on your smartphone charging plug, you have four running at 2.4A each (31 Watt 6.2A total output). It’ll even detect your device and allocate “optimal charging for iOS and Android devices”.

So what makes Just Mobile’s AluCharge worth its $49.95/€59.95 price tag?

Just Mobile has a knack for making ordinary products look a little more special, and the AluCharge is yet another example of that. It’s got a familiar look with a black plastic body covered in a beautiful unibody aluminium shell to give it a clean and minimalist design, as well as some additional heft to ensure it stays put.

Despite that additional heft, AluCharge is still quite lightweight at just 70g and with dimensions that fit comfortably into a hand, it’s the kind of gadget you’ll gladly take on your travels — even when you factor in the size of the power plug.

For an additional €3, you can even get your name or logo engraved on the aluminium which is a nice touch.

Do I like it? Most definitely; as always Just Mobile have made a normal product look great with the AluCharge and it’s super travel-friendly.

Admittedly there are far more affordable options when it comes to USB chargers out there — some for under half the price — but if you want your setup to look great and don’t mind paying a small premium for good build quality and design, Just Mobile’s AluCharge is for you.

By Fabio Virgi

I'm the guy behind Let's Talk Tech and a travel blog called Fab Meets World. Some people call me a geek, I think they're probably right. I'm fascinated by technology and innovation, love good design and own way too many gadgets for my own good. Want to connect? Get in touch on Twitter and Instagram.