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Overmacs Launches PhotoSweeper 2 for Mac — Refined UI, Greater Speed and New Features

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Version 2 of PhotoSweeper debuted on the Mac App Store yesterday. This duplicate photo finder from Overmacs garnered high praise in our prior write-up. I tested it briefly to gauge whether past claims of speed, simplicity and functionality still held true.

The Environment

Although the layout remains mostly unchanged, the UI received some attention adding more refinement and bringing it closer to Yosemite design aesthetics. Despite this, one aspect Mark raised apropos the UI persists: “each picture is set within a bright square — perhaps the only misplaced piece of design here.”

One can argue that aesthetics is subjective and while true, ideally it should also be functional and therefore I would’ve preferred the bright squares to be a toned down a smidgen; after all the photos shouldn’t have to fight for your attention.

In Use

Version 1 was already fast but with version 2, Overmacs outdid themselves. PhotoSweeper loaded a folder with a couple thousand iPhone photos in mere seconds.

The workflow has seen some improvements too. Rather than having to define comparison settings beforehand, you’re now presented with possible options once you press Compare. AS before, speed depends greatly on how refined your settings are and the size of photos, but with default settings, PhotoSweeper speedily dashed through my test folder.

There are extensive options for Auto Marking photos

When finished comparing, PhotoSweeper prompts whether to Auto Mark or not. While I share Mark’s angst about letting some algorithm decide which photos to keep or delete, a newly introduced feature helps mitigate some of the worry — Auto Lock.

Auto Lock allows you to set criteria (a series of folders or rules based on rating, size, etc.) which when met, will lock the photo preventing accidental selection for deletion.

Found among the new features is a third option for viewing duplicates (One by One) which allows you to view each photo in greater detail, thus avoiding the need to constantly trigger Quick Look.


Overmacs didn’t disappoint with PhotoSweeper 2 with markedly faster loading and processing speeds, a refined UI and some welcomed new features. Best of all, this update is free to all existing users.

PhotoSweeper is a one trick pony, but given the ease with which digital photos materialize in our libraries, it’s a pony you’ll surely find useful.
Giveaway: Win a copy of PhotoSweeper 2 in our 7-day giveaway here!

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