Many thanks to ProjectWizards Inc. for sponsoring Let’s Talk Tech this month.

Merlin Project is the freshly announced project management software for Mac OS X. Launched as the successor to Merlin 2, Merlin Project aims to solve the problems involved with planning complex projects that a simple spreadsheet can’t handle.

While spreadsheets can list tasks and set completion dates, they aren’t equipped to handle dependencies of activities on each other, the impact of delays on the project completion date, and budget planning. These tricky situations are precisely where the benefits of Merlin Project come into play.


Conveniently, Merlin Project comes ready to integrate with OS X apps like iCal, Contacts (and more), open interfaces to other Mac programs, and the possibility to import data from the Microsoft (e.g. Excel and MS Project) — which ProjectWizards considers to be important for Mac users to work efficiently. With new customisable reports, Merlin Project also makes it easy to generate an overview of the utilisation of staff, budget and the state of the project progress.

System Requirements, Pricing and Availability:

  • We recommend using a Mac computer with an Intel i3 processor (or faster), 4GB of RAM and Mac OS X v10.9.5 (or later).
  • Merlin Project costs €219.00/$299 and the update of Merlin 2 on Merlin Project costs only €99.00/$134.
  • Merlin Project can be tested for free for 30 days and offers German, English, French and Spanish as languages. Other languages are in preparation.

You can find out more information about Merlin Project by visiting: