Set up in 2008 as a project by two German DJ audiophiles, the Raumfeld brand has been developed in conjunction with German loudspeaker manufacturer Teufel. Their new suite of streaming products (released earlier this month) include high quality floor-standing room fillers, very stylish book shelf cubes and a simple high quality speaker for your ‘quieter rooms’.

All of the products are bound together with a clean and simple to use multi room app that performs on all the usual tablets and operating systems you would expect.

The Raumfeld range will retail primarily online, in a very continental approach to consumer products. There will be a few flagship stores set-up outside of the existing sales territories of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

A Look At The Speakers

The full range of products is distinguished by two products; the One S, a small 2 way 50 Watt speaker with non-fussy silicone (water-proof) buttons on top and the Stereo L, a pair of 400W active floor-standing speakers that are distinctive, loud, controlled and very impressive indeed.

Raumfeld wireless speakers at the Terrace Suite at the Ham Yard Hotel, London. W1D 7DT. 20 February 2015
The rather excellent Raumfeld One S in black.

 The stereo speaker pairs all have a streamer, sound processor (DAC) feeding into an integrated amplifier that drives both speakers. Supported audio formats are MP3, WAV, Flac, Ogg Vorbis, ASF, WMA *, M4A containing AAC or Apple Lossless. Raumfeld currently only support WMA files that have been encoded with the regular WMA codec. (WMA Lossless, WMA Pro and WMA Voice are not supported.)

Also the speaker pairs have a line input that could be useful for plugging in, say, a record player or an existing CD player.

Raumfeld wireless speakers at the Terrace Suite at the Ham Yard Hotel, London. W1D 7DT. 20 February 2015
Raumfeld Stereo L Floor-standers

The full Raumfeld range comprises the Stereo L, Stereo M, Stereo Cubes, One M, and the One S. They all have a distinctive German Bauhaus styling that comes in matt black or silk white, which I find to be very pleasant to look at.

Raumfeld have also developed a streaming connector that can be used to interface the Raumfeld controller with an existing stereo system, meaning you do not need to eBay your existing Hi-Fi system!

The range will be added to in the summer with a One bar, a TV surround sound solution that includes an ultra-slim subwoofer.

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