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Spigen iPhone Case: Slim Armor Review

Why Invest In Protection?

Let’s face it, living in the year 2013 most of us really depend on our trusty little smartphones on a daily basis. Personally speaking, with my phone I feel connected, in sync and organised. If by chance I’m without for even half a day, it’s a whole different story. Since our phones play such an important role in our lives, I find it surprising how few people buy good quality protection for them. It was with that in mind that I did my research and came across the Spigen iPhone case, the Slim Armor.

After going through a number of different “cheaper” cases for my new iPhone 5, I knew I had to take the plunge and try something a little more upmarket so that I wouldn’t end up looking at that beautiful display through cracks. Having seen one too many drops resulting in exterior kinks and cracked screens, I didn’t want to be put in a position where I’d either be without my phone during repairs, using a heavily damaged one or worse – having to buy a brand new one!

Look and Feel

Unlike most protective cases I’ve previously bought for my devices, Spigen did a really good job of  matching the design of this case with the sleek aesthetic features of the iPhone 5. It also has a really snug fit to the phone.

Apple did well to slim down this version of the iPhone, trimming it down to 7.6mm. Unfortunately most cases will add to that bulk including this one, adding a couple of millimeters around the rim of the phone. Even so, it feels really comfortable in the hand and offers a confident feeling of protection.


Spigen Slim Armor
Spigen Slim Armor


The double layer of TPU protects the top, bottom and corners of the phone. Paired with the polycarbonate midsection, it gives you the ability to change between the three colours available (metal slate, gunmetal & satin silver) whilst having a soft, yet grippy feel to it. I don’t think it’s ever slipped out of my hand or given me reasons for concern, and that’s something that I really value.

It’s worth noting that after being constantly pulled out from my pocket and spinning on the desk, it does develop light scratches on the midsection area but better the case than the phone right?

Spigen iPhone Case_Middlesection


Having looked around at the time, Spigen’s Amazon store seemed like the best option to me based on seller reliability and pricing. I was able to pick up mine for £16 plus P&P.

Spigen iPhone Case: Verdict

Having owned this case for about four months now, I can confidently recommend it to anybody in the market for an iPhone 5 case. It’s tough, stylish, maintains the beautiful design of the phone and fits perfectly.

It may cost more than the alternative £5 cases available online but you’re unlikely to get this level of style, protection and peace of mind with any other case.

By Fabio Virgi

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