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Switching From iPhone 6s Plus to iPhone XS Max: My Upgrade Experience

After about four years, I decided to swap out my trusty, reliable iPhone 6s Plus for a brand new (and very expensive) iPhone XS Max. There was nothing wrong with the 6s Plus. In fact, I think I could have comfortably pushed my usage of it for another year or so if I truly wanted…

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My experience moving from iOS to Android

When I thought about writing this article, the important thing to me was to present this in a clear view where there is no comparison about which is ‘the best’ OS. Much more than ever, I was able to tell that there really isn’t a better option as such. It all comes down to the…

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Why I’m not buying the Apple iPhone X

Why this Apple/iPhone lover won’t be buying the flagship iPhone X anytime soon.

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The new iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 are here

A lot was covered during Apple’s keynote last week. Tim Cook opened the keynote citing and honouring the late Steve Jobs and giving Apple’s theatre his name, recognizing how Jobs truly influenced so many lives when he first announced the iPhone 10 years ago. That was an emotional speech from Tim Cook and does justice…

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Unboxing the “toughest cable on earth”: Fuse Chicken Titan Lightning cable

I always find it interesting when new companies make bold claims, and Fuse Chicken has come out with a big one: they’ve apparently made the toughest cable on earth. Considering the number of frayed Lightning cables I’ve seen around this house, that kind of strapline caught my attention so I agreed to check out their…

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Why you shouldn’t believe iPhone 8 rumours until mid-August

Every new iPhone announcement causes a great hype, year after year. And for almost a year prior to Apple’s keynotes every September, the ‘industry’ of rumours and ‘inside reliable sources’ comes to play, filling our social media timelines with possible new features for hardware and software. These rumours deal with two sides. Firstly, they give away…


With so many good smartphones, I don’t feel the need to be loyal anymore

Do you consider yourself loyal to a certain smartphone brand? Anna Scantlin from Phone Dog wrote about brand loyalty this week, and that made me think how most of us tend to stick to the smartphone brands we know and love. I, for one, consider myself an iOS user mostly because I’m all set up…

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How iconic can a product get? Looking at the history of iPhone

“Every once in a while a product comes along that changes everything”. We all know Steve Jobs gave us that line when launching the, then outrageous, iPhone. This year, the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone ever released is celebrated and the world is expecting a great new phone. Much due to that event, people…

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Video & photography gear roundup: The tech I’m travelling with

Being a tech and travel blogger means that I’m always creating video or photography content, and until now I’ve relied on my smartphone to get me by. The camera quality on smartphones are so good nowadays that it’s easier than ever to create professional, high quality content and I’ve been pretty pleased so far. That said, I wanted to…

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Make your iPhone 7 Jet White with this ultra thin case

Apple’s Jet Black iPhone looks stunning, but if you don’t want to fork out for it Totallee launched a Jet Black case you can use instead. Next month the company is launching a new addition to the portfolio: a Jet White case for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Because the case wraps around the entire…