With so many good smartphones, I don’t feel the need to be loyal anymore

Do you consider yourself loyal to a certain smartphone brand?

Anna Scantlin from Phone Dog wrote about brand loyalty this week, and that made me think how most of us tend to stick to the smartphone brands we know and love.

I, for one, consider myself an iOS user mostly because I’m all set up in Apple’s ecosystem. All their gadgets sync very well and that is the reason I tend to continue using their products.

But that never keeps me from jumping ship from time to time; I’ll delve into Samsung or Motorola every now and then, and honestly, I do enjoy it. And when you factor in all of the new Android smartphones over the last few years, I’m seriously thinking about reconsidering. The likes of OnePlus, Honor and HTC have truly amazed me and I don’t feel the need to be loyal to any of my first brands as much.

Let’s take the hyped OnePlus 5, for instance. I thought OnePlus put out a great flagship, and apart from a few downsides that every phone has, I find myself really looking forward to getting my hands on one of those devices. It pretty much tied with Galaxy S8 in speed tests all over YouTube and it does a pretty good job at photography also — yet it costs so much less!

And let’s not foget Honor’s most recent flagship, the Honor 9 that Fabio wrote about recently.

So, how do you feel about smartphone loyalty; has any phone made you want to jump ship from your favorite manufacturer? If so, which one and why? Let me know down in the comments below!

By Ari Rando

Ari Rando is a tech enthusiast ever since owned the Ericsson T28 in 2000. iOS user since 2008, Mac OS user and frequently adventurous on Android! Follow him on Twitter: @AARHDREAL