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Keeping up with tech: How much should we spend on smartphones?

We have been spoilt with ‘super premium’ smartphones over the last year or so. But in light of all the affordable options available, is it worth sacrificing your hard-earned money to get a very expensive smartphone? 2017 became the year where flagships broke the $1k barrier. I’ve always kept up with the latest piece of…


With so many good smartphones, I don’t feel the need to be loyal anymore

Do you consider yourself loyal to a certain smartphone brand? Anna Scantlin from Phone Dog wrote about brand loyalty this week, and that made me think how most of us tend to stick to the smartphone brands we know and love. I, for one, consider myself an iOS user mostly because I’m all set up…

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Samsung Galaxy S7 fingerprint scanner not working? Here’s how to fix it

The fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S7 performs nicely when you make full contact with it, but in my recent few weeks with the device I’ve noticed that it often rejects my fingerprint. It’s a frustrating and inconsistent experience! If you’re going through a similar problem with your Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone and its fingerprint scanner, I’d recommend…

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Samsung Galaxy S7 rear camera test in 1080p (Video)

The guys over at Three UK recently sent me the Samsung Galaxy S7 to play with, and so far I’ve absolutely loved the cameras on this thing. Its front facing camera has been impressive with a wide angle, crisp image quality and high resolution shooting capabilities. The rear camera also had a lot to get…

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Samsung Galaxy S7 front camera test (Video)

The Samsung S7 is the first Android smartphone I’ve used in a long time that actually makes me consider ditching my iPhone 6s Plus. It’s a great looking & feeling phone with plenty of features, but the most appealing thing here is the Samsung S7’s cameras. Why the front camera matters to me I tend to use my iPhone 6s Plus to record any video…

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Samsung Gear Live & LG G Smartwatches Available To Pre-Order Today

Yesterday at Google I/O, Google announced the release of a couple of smartwatches: the Samsung Gear Live, and the LG G watch. The best part of all? They’re both available for pre-order today.

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Logitech Announces Type-S Keyboard For New Samsung Galaxy Tab S Tablet

Logitech’s latest announcement to their already impressive range of Bluetooth keyboards is the Type-S, a keyboard case for the new Samsung Tab S, a 10.5-inch tablet.

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Testmodo: Three Winners Pass Judgement On Three Smartphones

Back in January, Gizmodo teamed up with EE to run a competition called Testmodo, where three lucky winners could review three high-end smartphones on EE’s super fast 4G network, and then keep all three! This is how they got on.

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First look at Onaji Pawa Card, A Portable 3-in-1 Emergency Battery

Onaji is a London based company that started off selling phone cases and cables, but their latest project — the Pawa card — aims to solve arguably the biggest problem smartphones have: battery life.

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Samsung Tab S Leaked Image

Now it seems that they’re making another addition to the line up with the Galaxy Tab S which we expect to see a 10.5″ display, as well as a smaller 8.4″ model being available.