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Samsung Galaxy S7 fingerprint scanner not working? Here’s how to fix it

The fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S7 performs nicely when you make full contact with it, but in my recent few weeks with the device I’ve noticed that it often rejects my fingerprint. It’s a frustrating and inconsistent experience! If you’re going through a similar problem with your Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone and its fingerprint scanner, I’d recommend…

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Become a keyboard Ninja with this keyboard shortcut tool

If you’re interested in stepping up your productivity game, check out this tool below. Created by Boom Online Marketing, this interactive keyboard actually shows you keyboard shortcuts for some popular apps across Mac & Windows. Rather than reading a boring long list of shortcuts, I like the way these guys have made it visual and interactive.…

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iPhone Tip: How To Add Additional Fingerprints To TouchID

TouchID is one of my favourite features on the iPhone 6; it’s such an easy, reliable and fast way to unlock your device. What many people don’t know is that you can actually use more than one finger/thumb to unlock your iPhone or iPad. Want to unlock your other hand? Here’s how you can do it.…

Hints & Tips Smartphones

Tips To Save Battery On Your Smartphone

There’s nothing worse than discovering you have something around 10 per cent battery on your phone when you’re about to head out the door. And the truth is, it happens to all of us, so with that in mind, phone company Mobile Phones Direct give us a few handy tips to help you save a…

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iPhone Keeps Disconnecting From Charger? Try This Fix Before Blaming Your Cable

Does your iPhone keep disconnecting from its charger? Try this one thing before you blame the cable or your iPhone.

Editorial Hints & Tips Home & Entertainment Networking

How To Improve Home WiFi With An 802.11ac Router

We’ve never had much luck with the internet at home. If it isn’t poor service from the ISP (Internet Service Provider), it’s a really crappy WiFi signal that keeps dropping off, thanks to a mediocre router we’ve been given by the ISP in the first place. We currently use Virgin Media’s 60MB Fibre Optic broadband, and…

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How To Access The WiFi Scanner In Mac OS X Yosemite

Want to change your wireless channel for a better network connection? Here’s how to use the WiFi Scanner on OS X Yosemite to find the best one for you.

Car Tech Guest Article Hints & Tips

5 Ways To Use Tech To Keep Safe On The Road This Winter

This article is a guest contribution by Kirsty Quartley, Garmin PND Product Manager. With arctic blasts set to batter Britain in the coming weeks, our thoughts turn to keeping safe on the roads. Discussing the weather at length is something us Brits are renowned for, so why is it that we always seem to be…

Business Guest Article Hints & Tips

Five Gadgets You Need to Work From a Hotel Room

If you’re away on business and you need to work from your hotel room, you must ensure you’ve got all the necessary equipment. Here are five handy gadgets that should help you to complete your tasks.

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Roku Error 014: How To Connect Roku To Your Wi-Fi Network

The Roku 3 is a great media streamer and generally speaking, it’s a breeze to set up. But during my experience setting it up at home, I found that it had one major flaw: it struggled to connect to my Wi-Fi network. In fairness it isn’t entirely Roku’s fault, it just seems like the Roku boxes don’t play…