There’s Never Been A Better Time To Buy A Cheap Android Smartphone

Competition at the top end of the smartphone market has been hot in recent years with brands like Apple and Samsung dominating above all others. In 2016 though, the low/mid-range is packed with a plethora of very serious Android options that make you question the decision to pay top dollar for your next smartphone. Just…

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Digital’s Dark Side: Preventing Cyber Crimes

Our digital age can be a double-edged sword. Technological innovations have given us the ability to make life easier, faster and more intuitive. However, at the rate we’re evolving, it’s difficult to keep our virtual selves safe as cyber criminals are advancing just as fast as our defence measures. The Ashley Madison leak A recent…

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3 Reasons Why I’m Keeping My Apple Watch

I wasn’t going to buy the Apple Watch at first. It felt like a silly thing to splash out £300 for a 1st generation product that I knew would have some teething issues. More than that though, I was certain that I didn’t want yet another device calling for my attention. As if it isn’t annoying enough…

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Hey Geeks, Stop Complaining About The New MacBook. It’s Not Made For You

Ah, there’s nothing quite like the buzz surrounding an Apple event. Apple fanboys jumping onto social media to taunt the “opposition” fanboys; analysts predicting the growth/demise of the brand; and of course you have the journalists, bloggers and geeks all passing their judgement on the new products. It’s bloody brilliant. As expected we got just…