Twelve South is known best for their elegant products; the HiRise stands for iPhone and MacBook, the BookArc MacBook docks, and the BookBook for iPhone. A few days ago they introduced a new product, the ParcSlope.

The ParcSlope is being marketed as “The MacBook stand you can type on.” Rather than lifting the entire MacBook, it keeps the keyboard touching the surface but raises the screen. This eliminates the need for an external keyboard and mouse when you want some additional screen height.

One potential use-case outlined by Twelve South is to put your external display behind and above the MacBook. This, again, eliminates the need to buy another keyboard/mouse.


Using the ParcSlope Beneath an External Display.

At just $49.99, it’s slightly less expensive than one might think coming from Twelve South, and appears to be a solid solution for raising your MacBook screen and preserving the ability to type. Stay tuned to Let’s Talk Tech for a possible review of this stand in the near future!


Adam Bowker

I have always had a love for technology; I got my first computer at 6 years old, and have been glued to one ever since. I'm particularly in love with Apple products, though... some call me a fanboy ;) I've been creating tech reviews for about 2 years, and am now covering the latest news & reviews for Let's Talk Tech! Connect with me on Twitter @techbowker or Facebook.