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Apple Watch vs. “The Others”

If you haven’t heard yet, you must be living under a rock – Apple officially announced the new Apple Watch (not the fabled ‘iWatch’). It’s been hyped up for nearly a year now, and it’s finally coming out on April 24. But what can it actually do? Well, put simply… not much. This “revolutionary” device does what…

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Sennheiser HD335 Over-Ear Headphones Review

The Good: The 335’s provide excellent comfort, premium sound quality, and superior build quality, plus some cool features like a built-in volume dial and a twisting ear cup for DJ use. The Bad: The design is not too appealing to the younger generation and the volume dial does not change the device’s volume, but adjusts the volume input…

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Twelve South Launches ParcSlope MacBook Stand

The ParcSlope is being marketed as “The MacBook stand you can type on.” Rather than lifting the entire MacBook, it keeps the keyboard touching the surface but raises the screen.

Audio Featured Headphones Reviews

RHA MA450i In-Ear Monitors Review

The RHA MA450i’s are worth the money, with excellent audio quality and only minor design issues.