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5 Cool Apple Watch Charging Docks I’m Looking Forward To

The Apple Watch’s charging equipment includes a magnetic charger and cool foldable plug. I really like the magnetic charger because it allows you to charge your Apple Watch without needing to plug in cables, effectively making it a near ‘wireless’ experience.

What I haven’t liked is the cable spread across my bedside table and dangling to the floor though, and that’s where docks come in. Not only will they sort out my cable management issues, but they’ll give my Watch a nice little home too, so here are 5 which I’m really looking forward to checking out!

Native Union: DOCK for Apple Watch

Native Union Apple Watch Dock

One of the simpler design choices from this 5 dock selection, Native Union’s DOCK ($49.99) will look at home on most desk setups. The dock’s base has a super simple design, with just a rotating arm which makes it easy to adjust to your perfect viewing angle.

I doubt you’ll be using the Watch for glanceable information when you’ve got it docked, but I’ve always liked docks that give you adjustable viewing angles so the rotating arm is a welcome feature.

Twelve South’s HiRise for Apple Watch

Twelve South HiRise for Apple Watch

Twelve South’s HiRise for Apple Watch ($49.99) has a very similar design style to the HiRise for iPhone & iPad we reviewed here. It’s got that typical minimalist design we’ve come to expect from Twelve South, and with a large aluminium base we can expect the HiRise dock to keep your Apple Watch stable too.

HiRise for Apple Watch ships in both silver and black — both of which look fantastic — and if you already own Twelve South products you probably know what kind of quality to expect here. I can’t wait!

Griffin WatchStand for Apple Watch

Griffin WatchStand for Apple Watch

At just $29.99 Griffin’s WatchStand looks like a great buy. Not only is it capable of housing your iPhone (albeit without charging, which would be a cool feature to have), but I love the way it perches up the Watch as if to say, “hey look at me, I’m the star of the show!”.

As one of the cheaper and multi-functional docks on this list, this should be a popular one.

Nomad Stand for Apple WatchNomad Stand for Apple Watch

Nomad entered the charging game with their ChargeCard and ChargeKey ‘cables’ for iPhone/iPad a while back, and the Stand for Apple Watch ($59.95) is their attempt to enter the Watch market too.

For me, it’s the most simplistic and elegantly designed of all the docks I’ve come across so far, so I’m super excited to check it out. Nomad say it’s got a “solid chunk of copper for added ballast, over 3 times the weight of aluminium” to keep it rooted down which is reassuring, so with a sturdy build and a curvy shape like that, Stand for Apple Watch is sure to look sweet on any desk/bedside table setup.

DODOcase Charging Stand for Apple Watch

DODOcase Stand Apple Watch

If a shiny metal dock isn’t your thing, DODOcase’s Charging Stand for Apple Watch might be for you. Costing just under $100 it’s certainly more premium than the others on this list, but then it is made out of “rich elegant California American Walnut” and a solid steel base.

It certainly looks good, although with a price tag like that you’ll need to really think about how much you value a dock!

So which dock would you pick for your Apple Watch and why? Let me know in the comments below, and if you liked this roundup please do share it!

By Fabio Virgi

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