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How To Charge Apple Watch: A Quick Look At The Charging Kit

In case you haven’t seen the hundreds of Apple Watch unboxings around the web, Apple’s new wearable ships with an interesting plug and a generously sized 1 metre-long charging cable.

This isn’t your typical charging kit: the plug itself has a very impressive folding design, which reminds me a lot of the MU plug I reviewed way back in 2013. I’ve got the British plug here of course, but it’s such a cool design that it’s worth mentioning.

Next up is the charging cable itself. Unlike Apple’s other supplied cables for the iPhone/iPad the 1 metre cable feels generous, and at the top there’s a circular magnet that connects to the base of your Apple Watch.

Inspired from their MagSafe technology which has been a hit on Apple’s MacBook lineup, this cable means that you’re not physically plugging anything into your Watch — reducing the likelihood of pulling it away by accident while it’s charging, and just making it easier to connect & disconnect.

I’ll be taking a look at some cool docking options for the Apple Watch soon, so stay tuned on Twitter for that!..

By Fabio Virgi

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