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50 Shades Of Ray: How Much Money Can The Right Lightbulb Save You?

The thought of splashing out anywhere in excess of £12 for a light bulb can be eye watering, especially when something like a candescent lightbulb can be bought for £1.20. Imagine kitting out a house with 10 bulbs and you’ve set yourself back a pretty penny.

Save the planet they say. Lower costs they scream. But because these savings occur over a long period, we’re often left wondering if it really was worth it. The guys over at LEDStop beg to differ! Based on the values taken from an average home, along with the average set of bulbs, they show you just how much money you can save per bulb.

LED-STOP-INFOGRAPHIC-02Infographic courtesy of

The bulbs in question, for those interested are Incandescent Bulb, GU10 LED Bulb and the CFL Bulb.


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