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How To Access The WiFi Scanner In macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra has a built-in WiFi Scanner, making it easy for you to find the best WiFi channel to use for your network.

If you’ve recently download macOS Sierra and want to figure out how to improve your WiFi, you have access to a free WiFi Scanner that can provide some useful information.

The good news is, just like Mac OS X Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan, you can access the built-in WiFi Scanner the same way in macOS Sierra. Here’s how to find your best WiFi channel in just a few seconds…

Step 1: Open Wireless Diagnostics

Head up to your Mac’s menu bar and track down the WiFi icon. Once you’re there, push down the Option key ⌥ (next to the CTRL key) on your keyboard and click the icon at the same time. This will bring up a secret menu with a bunch of other information. Near the top, you’ll see an option called ‘Open Wireless Diagnostics’ — click on that.

Note: you could also type ‘Wireless Diagnostics’ into Spotlight — it’ll bring up the same window for step 2.

Step 2: Scan your network

When you’ve got the Wireless Diagnostics window open, head to the top left of your display towards the menu bar again, click on the ‘Window’ option, and then ‘Scan’.

Note: if you’re feeling like a pro you can also type CMD + ⌥ option + 4.

Step 3: Find your optimal Wi-Fi channel

Clicking on Scan will open up a new window with all the wireless networks around you, along with a bunch of other data. If you want to find the best WiFi Channel, you’ll want to look for the left column where it says “best 2.4GHz” and “best 5GHz”. Just click on ‘Scan Now’ on the bottom right of that window to refresh the results!

When you have that information, head into your router’s WiFi settings and adjust the Wireless Channel to whatever that WiFi Scanner recommended.

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By Fabio Virgi

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