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Why I Won’t Swap My iPad for the iPad Mini

I’ve had my eyes on the iPad Mini since it was released. Why wouldn’t I? Apple took all of what’s great about iOS & the original iPad and neatly wrapped it in to a smaller, more elegant package. Taking in to consideration that I’m on the move a lot too, the prospect of a thinner,…


Two Things I Want From iOS 7

WWDC 2013 is set to happen in only a few hours, and amongst all of the anxiety about new hardware and innovative tech, the main thing on my mind is the newly designed iOS 7. Fresh Design Jony Ive took full control of the iOS development this time around and ever since that news, there’s…

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How To Use Social Media in 2013

Since the Facebook boom, I’ve noticed that people are reluctant to use other platforms out there. They tend to stick to what they know and see little or no point in using new types of social media. My interest in the internet and technology have given me an opportunity to understand and make the most…

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Should You Get A Tablet, Laptop or Ultrabook?

Note: this article has been updated on 28/10/2013    Until just a few years ago, computing purchase decisions were restricted to bulky desktop computers and laptops. Fast forward to 2013 though and the selection for portable computing has become overwhelming making it tricky to figure out which one is right for you. So, if you’re…


What Retina Display? Samsung’s Exhibiting An Insanely High Resolution Display

Samsung today announced that they will be showcasing various industry-leading technologies at the Society for Information Display’s Display Week 2013. Amongst these technologies will be a 13.3-inch laptop, boasting a display with a 3,200 x 1,800 pixel resolution. Putting It In Perspective To give these numbers a little more perspective, the new 13-inch retina MacBook…

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BBC’s Watchdog Puts The Samsung S4 Under The Spotlight

Anne Robinson is well known in the UK for her ruthless style especially from the show, Weakest Link. Last night though, there weren’t any money-hungry contestants receiving a grilling but instead the tech giants Samsung. The investigation was based around Samsung’s claims that their flagship device, the Samsung S4 offers 16GB worth of storage memory,…

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Blackberry’s BBM is moving to iOS & Android

Remember the days when Blackberry users (myself included) used to brag about the awesome messaging service called BBM? Now it seems that what used to be one of the key reasons for owning a Blackberry is going out the window – BBM will become available on iOS and Android, for free. The growing popularity of…

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How To Add Websites To Your iOS Home Screen

If like me you visit lots of websites on a daily basis, you’re likely to bookmark them within the browser itself. With iOS though, you can really easily create a dedicated icon on your home screen to work as a visual bookmark. So, this article will show you how to add websites to your iOS…

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How To Choose A Tech Ecosystem

In a recent article about choosing the right tablet for you, I touched base on the need to consider your current tech/gadget ecosystem. With the on-going debates about “who is better” out of iOS (Apple), Android (Google) and Windows (Microsoft), I thought it would be helpful to knuckle down on what should really influence your decision…

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Google Now for iOS: Siri’s true competitor?

After Apple’s failed attempt at a proprietary Maps app for iOS, Google came along and redefined the ‘navigation app’ marketplace with a freshly designed version of Google Maps. Unsatisfied with that, the search giants once again seem intent on outperforming Apple’s Siri with their own personal assistant; Google Now for iOS. Google Now vs Siri So…