The Good: The performance, control and volume of this 2.1 compact speaker system is truly exceptional at this price point.

The Bad: It is not really a bad because we all have differing speaker cable needs, length, quality, etc. but make sure you buy or negotiate some cable from your supplier at the purchase point.

The Bottom Line: You pay for quality and this system is high quality and will pair with any good source that has a sub-out option.

The Bluesound Duo is standard 2.1 compact powered subwoofer and satellite speaker combination that is a formidable performer. I have the Duo set up with a Bluesound Node and an integrated amplifier, with a sub out option, and a separate CD player.

Design & Build Quality


The DUO itself is very attractive, compact and modern. The white glossy styling I have sits nicely in a modern environment but is not obtrusive, and the sub can be tucked away in a corner without affecting performance — although it is a rather attractive piece if you like that kind of thing.

There’s an 8” powered sub capable of 280 total watts dynamic peak, plus a pair of matching satellite speakers with 4” woofers and 1” aluminium tweeters.

It comes in a large and very heavy box; the packaging is substantial to ensure safe transport. As with the two speakers, the DUO sub has the feel of a nice heavy piece of equipment, and the speakers come with a set of rubber feet to help them stay securely in place.


The sound output is truly epic. Using Tidal, the lossless streaming service, the bass is very clean and very clear. Obviously, being a forty something father of two, I am particularly into ‘Zomboy’ and ‘Skrillex’, which is particularly clubby and wholly inappropriate Electronic Dance Music!

However, if you wish to experience well produced music with pounding deep bass in the pit of your sternum this is the place to be and the DUO really does deliver an immense and immersive response. What is interesting is the cleanness of the bass, something I only really hear on my full stereo in the lounge.

Notwithstanding this, the Duo is very detailed with mid-ranges and vocals. Contrast Zomboy with the detail in Mr Sheeran’s latest album, ‘multiply’, with his fingers rubbing the acoustic guitar and wonderful vocals, also delivered without fuss or strain from the DUO.

Bluesound Duo: Verdict

The DUO is retailing at £899, and note that you’ll also need to purchase speaker cable which many good retailers will help you out with, to secure your custom. You may probably choose, if you had the money, to run the DUO with the Bluesound PowerNode.

If you look around at equivalent 2.1 systems you would be hard pressed to find anything as well performing as this combination and it worth consideration for anyone looking for a quality audio solution.


Simon Wilce

I am mid-forties, married with young children, but retired from work through a severe stroke that has left me restricted in movement but with plenty of time to listen, watch, opine and review. My interests include, in no particular order, music, streaming and hi-resolution music, books and film. My latest interest centres around exploring vinyl on my hi-fi.