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Game & Wario (Wii U) Review

  • Fun, if limited, multiplayer experience
  • Innovative integration between Wii U GamePad & TV
  • Gamer & Artwork the only memorable mini-games
  • Expensive for the lack of content

When Game & Wario was announced for the Wii U, people instantly thought of the hours of fun spent on the Wii classic WarioWare: Smooth Moves. However Game & Wario fails to live up to its far superior predecessor, instead only offering a few memorable moments mixed into a fun if forgettable experience.

Game & Wario offers 12 games in single player and 4 additional ones in multiplayer. Essentially these are a concoction of mini-games that take a short amount of time to complete yet vary in gameplay style and difficulty. Whilst there are only 12 games on offer each has its own style; there’s Camera where the player has to use the GamePad to hone in on criminals in a busy street and take their picture and Archer where players draw back the string of a bow and arrow to shoot down advancing enemies.

Standout Games

Game & Wario utilises the capability of the Wii U GamePad well and there are two games that really stand out and give some real enjoyment. Gamer is definitely the stand-out game. Players assume the role of 9-Volt, a video game loving kid who’s been told to go to sleep by his Mother yet all he wants to do is get the high score on his handheld console. Players must complete WarioWare-style mini-games all the while being aware of impending doom should the child’s mother catch him playing best his bedtime.

The sound of haunting footsteps and oppressing atmosphere make this game exciting and heart-pounding. Players must use all their powers of concentration and multi-task to quickly hide the handheld console (by putting down the Wii U GamePad) whenever the mother is near, she may enter via the bedroom door or be seen ‘devil-eyed’ pacing outside the rear window. Those who time hiding the console just right will clock up the highest score.


Another fun mini-game is the multiplayer Fruit where up to 5 players play together. One player assumes the role of ‘fruit thief’ whose task is to steal fruit in secret whilst the other players watch the screen to try and spot when the fruit disappears and who is doing the stealing. Sounds simple enough but the screen is full of busy streets and traffic with chimney smoke occasionally obscuring the view.

At the end of the game each of the agents pass around the GamePad and guess who they thought the thief was, but as each thief looks almost identical – it’s not easy to identify the light-fingered culprit.

Game & Wario: The Bottom Line

Unfortunately the majority of the other mini-games play filler to the more enjoyable ones. Whilst GamePad innovation is rife amongst each game the fun factor doesn’t stick in single player mode. The game would thrive in a multiplayer environment but to acquire more than one GamePad is expensive – just like the game. Overall Game & Wario has its moments and there is still a good deal of enjoyment to be had, yet it lacks the depth to become a party game showstopper.


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