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Give your iPhone DSLR controls with the Pictar camera grip

If you love taking photos and videos with your iPhone but want a more comfortable, DSLR-like feel to the experience, miggo’s Pictar camera grip is going to grab your attention.

Currently undergoing a Kickstarter campaign that has reached half of its goal with 35 days still to go, this $90 gadget has been built to make iPhone photography that much easier.


It’s packing an ergonomic hand-grip which will make it convenient for one-handed use; 5 user-programmable buttons/wheels for functions like your shutter button and zooming in and out; and there’s even a dedicated app featuring a range of shooting modes from sports and landscape to manual shooting mode.

The Pictar’s appeal, at least for me, is the convenience of replacing on-screen controls with physical buttons and wheels that are quicker & easier to use. They want this device to give iPhone photographers better, faster and more granular control over their cameras while making it easier (and safer) to hold with one-hand.

With a dedicated camera app, the Pictar camera grip communicates with your iPhone using “high-frequency dual tone sounds”. Because these tones are kept between 18,500 – 20,00 kHz they’re inaudible by humans and in comparison to Bluetooth for example, you can expect the Pictar unit to last you around 6-8  months before you need to swap out its CR ½ AA battery.

For now, it’ll only be compatible with the iPhone 4 to 6S, although they’re planning for compatibility with future phones too.

Do you value having this level of control and comfort for your iPhone photography? Let me know what you think of Pictar in the comments!

By Fabio Virgi

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