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Infinit Makes Sharing Large Files Easy With New iOS & Android Apps

If you haven’t heard of it before, Infinit is a free file sharing app for Mac & Windows that allows you to send files quickly and easily — regardless of how small/large they are, or what format they’re in.

Unlike sending via email or messages, Infinit uses a super easy drag’n’drop system (on desktop) which involves dragging your file or folder to the menu bar, dropping it on the Infinit icon, selecting who you want to send it to and voilà, it sends the file.

Those desktop apps were launched in 2014, and now the company has launched mobile apps for iOS and Android too, bringing that easy file sharing style to your smartphone.

How Infinit improves file sharing

Faster transfer speeds. Thanks to its point-to-point technology, Infinit can get files from one device to another much faster than platforms that rely on the cloud, like Dropbox for instance.

Infinit speeds versus cloud storage

How Infinit’s transfer speeds compare to other file sharing products

No timeouts. Sending files — especially larger ones — always run the risk of timing out if the Internet connection is poor or drops off. Infinit on the other hand just pauses the transfer instead, picking up where it left off once your internet is connected again.

Encrypted file transfer. With all the fuss surrounding the security of cloud storage — cough cough, iCloud — Infinit promises fully encrypted file transfers. (Still, it’s probably best to avoid sending naked selfies.)

Share via Infinit or email. If someone you want to share files with doesn’t use Infinit, don’t sweat. The app can drop them an email instead which automatically includes a link to your file. Pretty damn convenient.

Share between your own devices too! Sharing files with others can be a tricky as it is, but getting files onto my own device can be an even bigger pain in the ass sometimes. Infinit makes it super simple to get anything like photos or a HD movie from device to device — especially if you’re on the same WiFi network.

Both the Android and iOS apps are currently available for free from their respective App Stores. Download them using the links below:


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