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Inateck 13″ MacBook Sleeve Review: Inexpensive Protection For Your Mac

Inateck’s MacBook sleeve is an inexpensive way to keep your Mac protected on the go. Find out what I think in this full review.

The Good: The felt exterior feels nice and all interior pockets are lined with a lovely microfibre material. An elastic band wraps around the sleeve to keep it firmly shut, and Inateck even throw in a small pouch for your charger.

The Bad: No major complaints about this sleeve, although the rear pockets feel slightly pointless without anything to keep them shut.

The Bottom Line: All in all, Inateck’s MacBook sleeve feels well made and works well. At such a low price point, it’s hard to fault it.

When it comes to protecting your all-metal MacBook there are a couple of options: a shell case that covers its aluminium body, or you can slip your Mac into a sleeve like Inateck’s.

While shell cases are great for the clumsiest of us, scared of scratching our expensive machines, sleeves like this mean that you can continue to use your MacBook without any additional bulk or weight, yet have it protected on the go.


Priced at just £13.99/$16.99 Inateck’s MacBook sleeve is certainly an affordable accessory, but don’t be fooled by the low price, it’s actually a very well made product. Its felt exterior feels nice and soft to hold, and although I was expecting a similar felt lining on the inside pockets too, I was pleasantly surprised to find a lovely microfibre lining instead.

So far, so good.

Inateck MacBook Sleeve

Inatech’s felt MacBook sleeve with the accompanying carrying pouch.

To help keep your MacBook in its place, Inateck’s sleeve has an elastic band that wraps around the main flap. It’s far from fancy, but it works well.

Along with the sleeve itself, Inateck throw in a small pouch for your charger which also features an elastic band, keeping your charger firmly inside. Despite my initial “why would I need that?” reaction, I’ve found the pouch useful for keeping my bag a little more organised — having such a long, loose cable can clutter up any bag! — and it also keeps the charging plug away from the Mac, avoiding any scratches.

Inateck MacBook Sleeve Pouch

Inateck include a small felt pouch for your MacBook charger.


With two pockets at the back which can comfortably fit a smartphone each, and another larger pocket under the main flap for your tablet (without a case on it), the Inateck sleeve actually has a surprising amount of added storage to make use of. They’re also lined with the same microfibre material as the MacBook pouch which is a nice touch.

The rear pockets feel borderline useless though; despite the fact that you can throw in your phone, there’s annoyingly nothing there to actually keep it in place. In contrast, the larger front pocket is quite useful since the main elastic band ensures your tablet won’t just pop out of the sleeve.

Inateck MacBook Sleeve: Verdict

Inateck’s MacBook sleeve has actually been a pleasant surprise. For the low price I was expecting it to be something rather tacky that would just get me by, where in fact it’s actually a well made product that works well.


By Fabio Virgi

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